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Chlapec a opička c1963

My good friend Wes dropped one heck of a link on me. Terry Posters is pure poster sweet corn. The shop is named after Monty Python member and director Terry Gilliam who was present for the opening. Their online store features a huge collection of Polish and Czechoslovakian film posters. The children’s poster section is especially nice.

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Wouhouhou! This place is amazing! Thanks for sharing this treasure. I wish I knew it before christmas, now it’s a whole year long to wait before asking/giving those gems as presents.

Oh Boy Oh Boy…
Love the kids poster section especially!
Thanks for this:)

Love, love, love the ‘k’ in Opicka! What a great link – thanks for sharing!

Bookmark! Thanks for sharing.

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This Wes fellow sounds like a foxy stallion.

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Thanks to this web, I’m a better patriot – thank you for showing the CZECH design to the rest of the world :) Go, Czechs, go! :)

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