Cristóbal Schmal

Cristóbal Schmal

Love, love, love these cover illustrations by Cristóbal Schmal! So good. All of his work has this same great texture and quality to it. Makes me want to touch everything! His type is super snappy as well, and integrates nicely with the illustrations. Check his site out, he’s got lots interesting projects and experiments going on.

Blog, Flickr, fun!

Via the never-let-you-down Ffffound.

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lovely stuff, nice to see some genuinely cool work ………. rather than some of the newer examples we’ve been fed (on here) of late, which to me hold little interest …………… a little unsure why most are even posted, to be honest.

Can’t believe you’re dissing the Grain, no doubt a troll :-(

Lovely illustrations and style, thanks again for providing a constant stream of obscure inspiration!

That is a great cover design, love the overlays and I admire anyone who convinces a publisher to leave white space on a cover!

not “dissing” anyone ………. quite the contrary.

grain edit is great, i check in everyday …….. but i’ve come to expect cool design that harks back to an age of classic cool, rather than the modern follow me leader graphic nonsense that occasionally slips through the net.

long live grain edit!

but more like this please ………….. less of the other.



thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Hi Dave! I stumbled upon your blog from first i read, Cuzzner–and thought “why does that sounds so familar?”..and scrolled down and saw your face! i must say, you have a nice pad! Looks like you and your wife are doing great and still diggin :)

ok THIS is awesome.

Good find! Seriously inspiring and gets my wheels turning with ideas. Thanks!

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This guy is amazing, I love his work, and the best of all is that he is my best friend from college!!
Good Job.
Felicitaciones Cristo…

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