Hand Held Heart / Brian Roettinger

Hand Held Heart / Brian Roettinger

Brian Roettinger is the L.A. based designer and typographic song-and-dance man behind Hand Held Heart. He created the above work while traveling with Liars and No Age, making individual 7″ covers for each city on the tour.

A lot of Brian’s work has this same focus and attention to detail. Every little piece is thought-out and considered. The work feels experimental and unique, and at the same time deliberate, intentional, and confident.

Check out his Theremin Sans, a typeface made while playing the theramin.

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Thanks for posting this, Ethan. I think Brian’s work tends to speak for itself and I would agree with your adjectives to describe it (deliberate, intentional, confident). To label it as just “hipster scribblings” reveals an unfortunately ignorant perspective and a lack of knowledge about the breadth of Brian’s work. His use of color, material, and type is often reflective of his subject. He pushes the limits within the constraints of a project. He is a designer with a lot of freedom in his job, but it’s his use of restraint that makes his work so beautiful.