Vintage Bus Passes From Milwaukee


Thanks to Tony Nguyen for sending in these bus passes from the 1940s. Bus #11 seems to be running low on self esteem. “Everyone cannot ride in the first car or bus”, so I guess your stuck with #11. Oh well..

vintage bus memorabilia

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Those are soooo cool! I wished bus and train tickets nowadays were a little bit more interesting. I could picture myself buying those tickets and staring at them for ages looking at the composition, the colours, the typography, etc! Thanks for sharing.

I Like those bus Passes.
Today te bus passes are boring!!
They haven’t Colors or diferent types…
Thanks for sharing again!

Love these! Thanks. I might be wrong, but do the big numbers have to do with what week it is? Would love to see some of the higher numbers too :)

These are great, love the big pink 7 with the bubbles in the background!

Please bigger scans, please oh please?

These are really really cool!
Love number 5, with the kids playing in the snow.

if anyone wants larger scans of these tickets and others like it, please email me at tony [at] designtn [dot] com