Erwin Bauer

Erwin Bauer

I absolutely love this book cover by Erwin Bauer. Great mix of type and architectural elements. The inside design has some really yummy type details. I love finding work like this, it feels so effortless.

Erwin Bauer is a man, and a design studio based in Vienna, Austria. They work on a wide range of projects, from architecture, traditional graphic design, and type design.

I like their “Rejected” section, which I assume compiles their unused designs. It would be fun to see this from more firms.

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Reinforcing the saying “Less is more”

Love it! You just can’t beat giant letterforms.

A company I used to work at once compiled a whole section in their company brochure called ‘the ones that got away’ – a selection of all their unused logo designs, many of which where better than the ones used! It never got printed though, which was a shame :(

lovely and inspiring

Sometimes there’s too much rejection, not enough ejection. Right, Ethan?

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Love the work on the site. Really beautiful typography, especially in German! Good design looks even better in a language you can’t understand.