LAX MAP? Designed by the Riddler


LAX map designed by Dotan & Associates in 1982

Just found this LAX map. The pictograms on the front are very similar to the identity work of Otl Aicher for the 1972 Munich Olympics.

Whats with the obnoxious use of question marks? That’s really ruining my mello.



Count me in for a second helping of that green served sunny side up on top of a nice layer of cappuccino runway.



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Maybe he couldn’t think of anymore icons and filled the spaces with question marks. Looks good though, there is something very beautiful in the simplicity of icons especially on a clean white background and I’m loving the map!

Maps like this are just wonderful. I’ve just loved looking through your entire blog. Eye candy galore!

The ?’s make sense to me… If these are stacked on a counter or in trays and displays around the airport, confused and lost customers are going to be drawn to the ?’s because a ? means HELP. Symbols 101, right?

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I think the use of 1 well placed question mark would of been just as effective.

I agree Judith, I think they just ran out of icon ideas and needed to fill the space.

The question mark is a universal icon for info or help desk. It’s an international airport. I like it. I think Massimo would be proud. Modernist style maps like this aren’t as easy to pull off as they look.

Maybe they were confused… I know I was confused when I had to go through LAX!
But it does seem a bit much.