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This just in…Grace of  Design Sponge asked me to guest blog for the rest of the week so, I’ll be posting goodies over there as well. This is a real honor for me, since she runs such a great site. For today’s post I dug up a German Advent calendar.


that picture of you on design sponge is hysterical, so retro and so cool. I like that german advent calendar. I’ve been seeing a lot of german/danish stuff around in my happy jaunts to junk stores and I like that.

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This calendar is rad. Too bad they don’t make them this nice anymore!
- a

dude, that calendar just jogged my memory of a similar Christmas-themed calendar I had when I was around 8 or 9 (mid-’80s). It featured a window for each day of the month of December, ending with Xmas. I want to say that there was a scratch-n-sniff element, like one day you’d uncover sniffable gingerbread cookies, for instance–but that could just be my imadge. Mem-rees, aww! Great post–glad I found y’all via design sponge.

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