Grain Edit on Apartment Therapy


Dave handling the calls at the Gain Edit customer care corner


Ethan spending quality time listening to the new Grain Edit Audio Tour (clipboard optional)

We’re darn pleased to announce that Apartment Therapy is featuring Grain Edit as the latest entry in their Behind the Blog series.

You can see the whole thing here

Grain Edit we’re here for you.


Clipboard essential!

Anna |

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absolutely love your place!

Hey Anna!

Where exactly do you sit when you watch that TV?

Dalvin Flustig |

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Great article and your cat is gorgeous!

i totally had that phone in 1989. you wear it much better than i did.

great pad, great article, and oh…i want your cat.

we have to take turns holding the tv for each other so we can watch

Thanks Tula! Yea Phone fashion is here to stay. Our cat’s name is twig..shes the lil homey

your cat is seriously so pretty! …I want her.

what kind of cat is she?

oh and you guys also have an amazing pad. I’m super jealous.

Trent |

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I almost didn’t recognize your office! But then I recognized the posters and the chair… I’m not sure if I ever saw your desk before… How long did it take to reorganize for the photo? One fell swoop to the floor!? lol

just kidding everyone… sort of :-p

P.S. that is a cool pic of Twig. You could make a book of great pics with that cat in all the places and positions she gets herself into!

Could not resist – had to cover this on workalicious

Hey Greg,
Thanks for posting this on Workalicious! Great site by the way.