Robin Day Form Unit Sofa for Hille

robin day hille sofa

‘Form’ Unit Furniture by British designer Robin Day for Hille 1961

I thought I’d switch it up a little bit today and post my dream sofa for the workplace. I love the color combinations and the black finished steel base frame. The unit has wide generous seats, yet doesn’t look bulky or heavy. The table top can be surfaced with a mahogany veneer. A drink cabinet can added instead of the corner table.

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Need a sanity check. This is who I have heard referred to as the British Charles Eames, right? Does have an early HMI vibe. Let’s agree to agree this would be called a fainting couch.

Yea I could sleep on this couch all day and that orange square looks like a giant slab of cheddar cheese. I could nibble on that.

If you want this sofa, you had better spend the Day Robin banks!

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Hmmm… I just bought a house and we do need a sofa. But somehow the blue part reminds me of the chair that our headmaster used to sit in. bad memories.

i really like the simplicity.

Robin Day is amazing. Did anyone see the article in Dwell on Robin and his wife. Fantastic stuff.

Hi I absolutely agree this sofa is wonderfull
I have found one last week in Switzerland (?) and I’ve bought it ! The design is so simple and so clever I just love it.

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I must say, I had one of these for a long time, and it’s groovy and all, but NOT comfortable. It’s dreadful to sit in – the seating base is too wide/deep for most people and then the back is short, so you wind up slumping in it. Like I said, people loved looking at it, and then after about a half hour, they’d go sit in another chair!

I agree, this doesn’t look comfortable. However Day’s FORUM sofa is very comfy. It is essentially the same elements set in a frame, with leather covers. Ours is seating perfection.

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