Grain Edit’s 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway Shindig Thing!

grain edit anniversary giveaway

We’re proud to announce the Grain Edit 1 year Anniversary Giveaway Shindig Thing!

We’ve had a great year and we want to thank everyone for making the site what it is today. To celebrate, we’re offering up a bunch of goodies from our favorite designers and illustrators.

Sounds great, but how do I enter to win?


1. Leave a message in the comments section of the post. (Maybe say hello or tell us you favorite grain edit post of the year)

2. Subscribe to our free RSS or Email updates (seen in the upper right corner of the website). If you already subscribe, you’re all set, no need to subscribe again.

On Friday October 10th, 2008 we will randomly select 4 winners. The first name we draw will get first pick from the 4 prize options, second name we draw will get second pick etc. and so on.

**We will announce the winner on Friday October 10th, 2008 in the GRAIN EDIT RSS FEED + EMAIL UPDATES. We will not be announcing the winner on the website, so you need to subscribe to either the RSS or Email updates to know if you won or not. **

and now for the prizes………..




iso50 design poster


Your choice of any two posters from iso50′s shop courtesy of Scott Hansen/Iso50.


1 alphabet poster courtesy of Mike Davis (Burlesque of North America)


1 limited edition Accident Grotesque Poster courtesy of Xavier Encinas of Swiss Legacy/ Peter&Wendy

600x800mm -170 gr/m² Offset paper -Black and PMS 871 U

Double-sided poster-Edition of 100 only

adrian johnson t-shirt

Your Pick of any available t-shirt in Adrian Johnson’s shop courtesy of Adrian Johnson

beautiful decay book

1 copy of Archive courtesy of BEAUTIFUL/DECAY

196 pages – Full color- Features work by Jesse LeDoux, Aya Kato and Friends with YOU.


A Three pack of FIELD NOTES memo books courtesy of Draplin Design Co. and Field Notes

Each notebook is 3-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ 48 pages – Pens and pencils not included.



julia rothman prints

1 Luxury Apts limited edition silkscreened print courtesy of Julia Rothman

Two color silkscreen on Stonehenge paper 22×15, signed edition of 230

petit collage animal alphabet print

1 Animal Alphabet Print courtesy of Lorena Siminovich/ Petit Collage

18″x24″ 3-color screen print on uncoated paper. You will have your choice of 1 of 3 possible color variations. (Frame + Apples not included)


1 Love Saves the Day Silkscreen Print courtesy of Wayne Pate/GoodShapeDesign – Dimensions:16″ x 20″

frank chimero design

frank chimero print

Your choice of 2 state prints courtesy of Frank Chimero

Signed by the artist – 8×8″ giclee print on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper.

house industries ampersand t-shirt

1 Ampersand T-shirt courtesy of House Industries

beautiful decay book

1 copy of Archive courtesy of BEAUTIFUL/DECAY

196 pages – Full color- Features work by Jesse LeDoux, Aya Kato and Friends with YOU.


A Three pack of FIELD NOTES memo books courtesy of Draplin Design Co. and Field Notes

Each notebook is 3-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ 48 pages – Pens and pencils not included.



small stakes posters

Your choice of any available $25 poster at The Small Stakes courtesy of Jason Munn/The Small Stakes

the heads of state poster

Your choice of any available poster $50 or less in the The Heads of State shop courtesy of The Heads of State

aisle one grid poster

1 Limited Edition: Grids Are Good For The Soul Poster courtesy of Antonio Carusone/AisleOne


Your Choice of any available t-shirt in the You Work For Them Store courtesy of YWFT.

house industries ampersand t-shirt

1 Ampersand T-shirt courtesy of House Industries

beautiful decay book

1 copy of Archive courtesy of BEAUTIFUL/DECAY

196 pages – Full color- Features work by Jesse LeDoux, Aya Kato and Friends with YOU.


A Three pack of FIELD NOTES memo books courtesy of Draplin Design Co. and Field Notes

Each notebook is 3-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ 48 pages – Pens and pencils not included.




1 Vivienne riding her bike print courtesy of Matte Stephens

Dimensions: 8.5″x11″


A Kite Series Print Set courtesy of Lab Partners

Four 5″x7″ Limited edition signed screen-printed Gocco prints


One ’9 Apples/You & Your Friends Fucking Annoy Me’ Print courtesy of Justin Fines of Rad Mountain

Dim: 20″x20″ serigraph

invisble creature design

Your choice of any available poster $20 or less in the Invisible Creature Shop courtesy of Invisible Creature


Your Pick of any available t-shirt in Adrian Johnson’s shop courtesy of Adrian Johnson

beautiful decay book

1 copy of Archive courtesy of BEAUTIFUL/DECAY

196 pages – Full color- Features work by Jesse LeDoux, Aya Kato and Friends with YOU.


A Three pack of FIELD NOTES memo books courtesy of Draplin Design Co. and Field Notes

Each notebook is 3-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ 48 pages – Pens and pencils not included.

Once again, Here’s how you enter.


1. Leave a message in the comments section of the post. (Maybe say hello or tell us you favorite grain edit post of the year)

2. Subscribe to our free RSS or Email updates (seen in the upper right corner of the website). If you already subscribe, you’re all set, no need to subscribe again.

On Friday October 10th, 2008 we will randomly select 4 winners. The first name we draw will get first pick from the 4 prize options, Second name we draw will get second pick etc. and so on.

**We will announce the winner on Friday October 10th, 2008 in the GRAIN EDIT RSS FEED + EMAIL UPDATES. We will not be announcing the winner on the website, so you need to subscribe to either the RSS or Email updates to know if you won or not. **

so go for it! enter now.

Many Thanks to all the Wonderful Sponsors of today’s giveaway for helping to make this happen.


Adrian Johnson

Antonio Carusone/AisleOne


Burlesque of North America

Draplin Design Co.

Field Notes Brand

Frank Chimero

House Industries

Scott Hansen/Iso50

Invisible Creature

Jason Munn/The Small Stakes

Julia Rothman

Justin Fines

Lab Partners

Lorena Siminovich/ Petit Collage

Matte Stephens

The Heads of State

Wayne Pate/GoodShapeDesign

Xavier Encinas of Swiss Legacy/ Peter&Wendy

You Work For Them

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Hot, hot, hot giveaways! Congrats once again on turning one – it’s tough to keep a blog going and you are doing a mighty fine job. Have a good day. Jx

HUGE! Congrats again on another great year. Your site has raised the standard for all graphic design blogs and has truly kept me on my toes with my eyes and ears peeled wide open!

Congrats on the anniversary! I’ve been keeping an eye on the site for about half of your first year, really happy I discovered it!

Wow, great stuff! Great site! I only wish it was updated more frequently! Can’t rush perfection eh… ;D

Dane Mason |

Contests and giveaways |

Thanks! You Guys Rock! Great timing, just posted the ShinDig!

I would very much love any one of those prizes!

Happy Birthday!
GrainEdit has been my homepage for the past few months and will continue to be. Love the recent Charles Harper Post. My hero…. :)

Thanks for all the hard work. It’s the first blog I check every day. Love it.

Happy anniversary guys!

i really do appreciate he work you guys put into his site . <3

Noah Williams |

Contests and giveaways |

One year!? Congrats! :)

I just found this site recently and it’s pretty amazing!

What great prizes! Obviously these designers love your blog. Congratulations!

Keep up the great work! Your posts are always so inspiring.

Congrats on one year, Dave. You’re the only design blog worth checking daily. (That’s right, I’m drawing the line in the sand.) Keep up the excellent work, and thanks for sharing with everyone.


katherine strickland |

Contests and giveaways |

I love this site, I find it so inspiring. Happy one year anniversary.

Happy anniversary! Keep up the awesome work! :D

I *absolutely* love this site. It’s a gem that deserves notice; and I can’t help but check it for inspiration every day.

Really top quality stuff!

Hi Grain! This sounds awesome. I just found this site recently and have been enjoying going through all of the previous posts.

Super !!! Great site Dave !

It’s clear this site has love behind it – thanks for sharing so many special things with us. Here’s to many more birthdays…

Nicola Morgan |

Contests and giveaways |

Wow, happy anniversary!! Fantastic giveaway, the prizes are all absolutely stunning!!! :) My favorite grain edit post of the past year has to be “Icographic Journal – Isotypes, Icons and Pictograms.”

Awesome site guys, I have been following it up since u started, and now keep coming back to the site for inspiration and great stories, I also love the fact that you include really cool links to many other cool places. The website is easy to navigate and very friendly designed. Thanks ( can a I get some prizes now)

Happy Anniversary! You’ve pointed me in so many great directions, i should be giving something of mine to you. But your stuff is better. Congratulations, guys.

Hey hey hey! I want to say my favorite post so far was early on:

Of course, it was my work, but hey I’m vain. Thanks so much for the great blog to look at, I love it. — Justin

Congrats on the year, Dave. Here’s to ten more.

Great stuff, always inspiring. Been an devoted RSS subscriber for most of the year. Favorite features are the Wink interview and Draplin video. Keep it up.

Great stuff Dave. Keep on truckin.

<3 vintage design!

Happy Anniversary! I would have to go through the archives to find the year’s favorite post, since I only found you a couple months ago. Hey, that’s a good idea…

Congratulations, and thanks for doing what you do.

holy cow. what amazing stuff. especially considering half were already on my wish list.
i am a new subscriber as of a week ago, and have basically spammed (ahem, “shared”) every single post with my friends. ugh love it.

How’s the cat handling this?

Congratulations on a stellar first year! The interview with Bo Lundberg was great!

I check your website everyday and I simply love it! Awesome prizes your giving out. Keep up the fantastic work =D

Sara Tillery |

Contests and giveaways |

Happy First Anniversary! You have set the bar really high for the coming year. Keep up the great work.

Love reading the site every day!
This was one of my favorite posts:

Something to do with the way that “E” plays tricks with my eyes…

Wow, I’d love to win any of these great prizes. Thanks for the chance to win!

All of those look T-A-S-T-Y. Happy one. Thanks for expose me (and others) to so much cool stuff.

happy birthday grain edit! i have two favorite posts that i can recall standing out from the other great posts you make on a regular basis…the german and swiss design books were fantastic, and the interview with matte stephens was really nice as well. the design elements of your posts are always inspirational, and it’s always nice to find out a bit more about a successful artist.
here’s to another great year !

This was my favorite post:

It gave some notice to a great local show that should not be missed!

Also loved this interview :

(it’s the item that led me to find this blog. Great job, guys!)


happy berfday.

As far as birthday parties for blogs go, this one has the best loot bags! Happy 1st Birthday Grain Edit. PS. I’ve been digging all the content but my favorite post of the year was the Invisible Creature interview.

duh grainfeed actually knows whats up

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear shindiggers,
happy birthday to you!

your fan,

Hopefully you will stick around for many more years to come.

As for my favorite articles I would say I enjoy the interview posts the most, I find them very inspirational.

Came across your site about a month ago, and it’s been a daily stop ever since. Great, rare stuff. It’s good to know that there are still plenty of people who appreciate classic art/design.

Thanks for the inspiration and enjoyment.

Oh please oh please pick me because my blog has a crush on your blog and if they got together just think of what awesome offspring they would create.

Love, happiness and the pursuit of the Giant Golden Book of Biology!!!!!

Cheers to more years to come.

Grain Edit is easily and far and away my most favorite blog of the year. And you are in stiff company..dinosaurs and robots, strange maps, the automata blog, provisions library… but yours is the one i open first in my feeder everytime. Glad to have you, even if i don’t win!

My favorite post was most def the brief J.A. Grose posters. I look at them regularly for inspiration.

Congratulations! I’m in love with your blog, and I require my students to conduct weekly, if not daily, Grain Edit grazing.

Thanks for sharing such great work.

Lindsay Hadley |

Contests and giveaways |

Give away or no, this is a seriously covetable collection of goods. Keep up the great posts!

I love the old school nature of grain edit and the interviews are nicely done, keep it up!


happy one year, absolutely love the site. my favorite post was the icographic journal.

Yay! I love giveaways AND shindigs!

I hope I win!


Thank you for sharing the great images! Someone has a great eye.

Smashing job all! This website provides a true homage to what I consider the best of old and new graphic design. Hope you keep my eyes smiling for years to come.

Happy Anniversary!! What a great giveaway!!

what a pleasant thing to look forward to :-)

Bharani Padmanabhan |

Contests and giveaways |

Amazing prize packs! I’d be happy with half of one…

Love it. Want it.
Love Grain edit!

The Henri’s Walk To Paris post was my fave, and all of the interviews RULED.

Massive congratulations of outrageous proportions!!!

This is my new favorite website. It is sometimes hard to find cool old stuff like this online.

Great site, great giveaway and congrats on one year of success!

We’re on the same wavelength. Except I’m too lazy to start a blog. Thanks!

congrats on 1 year grain, thanks for the dazzling work. especially the jungle race popup book. oh. oh

I’m just happy I discovered this site — great source of inspiration. Congratulations on your first year! Looking forward to many more fantastic things from you guys.

Hellloooo Grain Edit!

Favorite Post of the year by far would have to have been the one you guys wrote on Invisible Creature!

Love the raffle-contest idea!

Wow! Congrats on one year; I especially loved the Charley Harper photos and the Matte Stephens interview.

Love your blog; it is constantly inspiring me! :-)

A great year, for sure! A fantastic source of inspiration.

This site has given me a lot of inspiration over the time I’ve been visiting. I’m glad I found you!

Keep it up!

grape nuts!

grain edit for teh win. crosses fingers. xoxox.

I LOVE GRAIN EDIT! Happy 1st anniversary!!!

congrats on one year!! this is one of my fave blogs – and your house tour was AMAZING!

+ any and every studio visit is a fav of mine. luv to see inside the artist’s workspace.

Wow, an amazing selection from an amazing blog, keep it up!!

Happy Birthday! I love the interviews – they all are great!

Nandini McCauley |

Contests and giveaways |

please let me win, please let me win, please let me win.

I check grain edit every day. Thanks so much for all of the awesome interviews and great content. I must say that your site has been a super inspiration to me!! One Year!!! Way to go!

this site is my life blood on it everyday no matter what its my home page
Loved the Rad Mountain studio tour and the Grain Edit Studio tour.
Insight into admiration. Perfection!

Thanks for an inspired and productive year.

Hooray for GE! Love the studio tours! And of course the great vintage inspiration. Gimme more…….

I can haz prize?

Hello. Happy Anniversary. Thanks for adding smiles to my life. Not only do I see beautiful images on your blog, but also I occasionally recognize the pictures in real life when I am looking around in various stores, such as antique stores, church sales, and goodwill-like stores. I was definitely tickled when I saw a few familiar-looking images in person! Thanks for the treat.

Happy 1st Birthday! You’re one of my favorite sites, please keep it coming! In the meantime, I’d be happy to win a prize in your honor.

favorite post? too many to choose from! but I’ll give it a try: anything having to do with mid-century modern travel, namely the post with the travel poster from Kenya!

Congrats on the one year! Always a pleasure to peruse on a sleepy morning browse :)

Hello! Happy one year anniversary of awesomeness. I just found you guys last week, but it was love at first sight.


so proud of you Dave, congrats on 1 year of rockin’ it. Who would have thought that trip hop would take it this far!

Felicitaciones Senores!!
Grain Edit has become a great vitamin of inspiration for me with every post.
Thank you (=o^x^o=)/

Congratulations on your 1st anniversary! Grain Edit has kept me informed and inspired. It’s hard to pick a fav post but I’ve loved all your interviews.

Out of all the design blogs I read, Grain Edit is definitely one of the best. As a student, this is a really great inspiration resource for me. I’m also really fond of all the studio tours. :] Happy 1 year!



The Matte Stephens interview was quite nice…but then, being a fellow ‘Baman, I am a bit biased.

Oh my! Best giveaway EVER!!! But would I expect anything less from the best design site on the internets?

Can’t officially start my morning without my “Yummy Fresh Grain Feed”!

Congrats to Grain Edit. We Loooooooooooooooooooove your site and the work you highlight. I too really enjoy the interviews and am admittedly addicted to the eye candy.

pik me. pik me. pik me.

Great site. A welcome distraction during the working day.

happy anniversary, love the site, thanks for all the great posts everyday.

Favorite posting, impossible. Too much to chose from! Congratulations on your first year, and many many more to come.

Dave, Lucks not on my side of late and not feelin especially lucky right this moment, but what the hey, as I weigh in at #93. To be honest, all your posts are my favorite. Also, all your giv-a-ways are sweet, so…well…here’ to the luck of the draw and thanks for the chance to win something.

What I love about your blog is all the great vintage prints you find. Keep up the good work.

One year already?! Congratulations! Those are some nice prizes if I do say so myself. Pretty flippin’ sweet. I’d say my favorite posts are the Matte Stephens interview and the Invisible Creature interview. But they’re ALL awesome! Hopefully you’ll have many more years of grain greatness!

Congratulations on a wonderful first year. I haven’t been subscribed for that long but am loving it so far.

Congratulations! I can’t believe its only been one year.

Wow! One of the best giveaways I’ve ever seen. Maybe being #101 will help?

quero muito ganhar o concurso…espero ser sorteado
I want win.


Happy anniversary!

Ian Sundstrom |

Contests and giveaways |

I loved the interview you did with Invisible Creature, my favorite one of the year.

more designers bookshelves and personal collections. that stuff is so fun to look at!
cheers on turning 1 and keep up the great work!

Congrats guys!

Posts? I love ALL of them, of course.


Love your site. Always come away inspired. Happy Day!

Has been a whole year? Wow. By far one of my favorite sources of inspiration.

Michael Garrett |

Contests and giveaways |

Happy 1st birthday! The prizes for your giveaway are amazing so I’m keeping my fingers crossed to get picked out of the hat.

beautiful site, congratulations!

so cool, I have been reading this blog for a good part of the year and make sure to check it everyday! congratulations!

Hey guys! Love the site (and the awesome giveaways!).

happy #1, grain edit! i especially loved the interview and step-by-step with the fantastic invisible creature. keep the goodness coming!

Congrats on the anniversary! I think it was the Invisible Creature interview that brought me here, and I stuck around for everything else. :)

Adore your site! Thank you for so many beautiful resources!

Haley Hollenbach |

Contests and giveaways |

Congratulations Gran Edit! My favourite post is the one where you blogged about the Hans Kleefeld book cover I posted in my flickr

I got the google alert on my name and it was how I originally found this blog, which has gone on to become one of my favourites! Here’s to many future posts!

I’m a new reader of Grain Edit and it looks like I picked a good time to start. Congrats on your paper anniversary (fitting!) and I hope there are many more to come.

Mike Gibboney |

Contests and giveaways |

Congrats, these prizes look amazing!

WOW! Great prizes. I look forward to your site everyday, its so inspiring!!!

I love grain edit. My absolute favorite post was the matchbooks from mexico. Thank you!

Seth Lucas |

Contests and giveaways |

¡Feliz Cumpleaños, Grain Edit!
Maybe there can be more educational reports on forgotten/overlooked designs from the past. Adding video could always spruce things up too (ie: Watching Mr. Draplin drop some wisdom and a few F-bombs).

Happy anniversary guys, this is one of my favourite sites and those are some nice prizes right there.

I fell in love with all of the beautiful images. Very inspiring.

Happy 1st.

i really dig grain edit. and great prizes too!

love your website – thanks for all of the inspiration!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAIN EDIT! you’re a constant source of inspiration! Keep up the great work!

hello grain edit! happy happy birthday!
my favorite ever post was the one about “henri’s walk to paris”- i saw it and immediately subscribed to the rss feed. :)

Thank you for being consistently awesome! I look forward to reading your blog and always find it to be a huge source of inspiration. Happy B-day to you! *_*

the site i’ve been looking for all my life (or at least for a good few years). nothing but amazing inspiration/work/colors/ideas. [applause]

Love Grain Edit! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, dear Grain Edit! Thanks for editing out the non-graininess!

Grain Edit is like going to a great place to eat ever day; really satisfying and enriching regardless of what is on the menu.

I’ll have the catch of the day, thanks!

i love you.
happy birthday.

please don’t self-edit with the increased popularity of your blog – it’s beautiful just the way it is!

Happy birthday!

the post that hooked me… the one with all the alain gree illustrations. i’m now obsessed with finding his books for myself. thanks! and thank you, for always showing me something new, something old and something inspiring. congratulations on your first anniversary!

Hey there! Love the blog – have been a subscriber for a few months now. I have found some great stuff due to your posts – bought a couple of prints from Mattte S and lusted after some of the mod work you’ve dug up and shared.

Keep up the great work!


Happy Birthday To You.
Happy Birthday To You.
Happy Birthday To You.
Happy Birthday To You.

subscribed since a long time

Happy anniversary– keep up the great work!!!

Congrats Grain Edit! I’d have to say some of my favorite posts were the designer interviews and I really hope to see some more of them.

This is the best blog giveaway that I’ve ever seen.


Congrats! Keep up the good work.

I love, love, love this website!

Happy One Year!!!! Great stuff going on around here.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary! Just like the many other people
who left a comment on here – I am an avid reader and
subscriber and I love everything about Grain Edit! As a
graphic design student, I’m always learning something new
and I’m never tired of browsing and reading everything.
Thank you for constantly updating and always bringing us
something new to look at and learn about or simply to keep
reminding us how great design is.

With that said, I really can’t choose a favorite entry — I like
them all…seriously! Keep us inspired, I love you Grain Edit!

Thanks to Coudal for turning me on to you. Fantastic site, tremendous giveaway.


Love it all! I want all four prize packages for sure!

Grain Edit is another in the spirit of Drawn! and BoingBoing: adding to, and really driving the conversation topics of the creative crowd out here. Thanks for all you all are doing!!!

Happy BirthdayGrain Edit. I think the Bo Lundberg interview and the whoel 1960′s tag are my “greatest hits” of this site. Always a huge inspiration. Thanks!

Happy Birthday!!!

Your blog makes me so happy. Congrats!

Happy Birthday! I just recently discovered your site and I regret for missing out on the first year. I’ll keep up with it from now on. Thanks for a great site.

Darius Bryjka |

Contests and giveaways |

Happy Birthday.
You’ve got to love Small Stakes and Heads of State

Happy birthday what a great blog!
especially your interview with Mike davis.
Lifesucksdie was a fantastic magazine and I find it a great inspiration because of it’s highly subversive style.

Great prizes and super site! Congrats on the anniversary.

This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Great stuff guys! I love the posts. It’s great to see that people still make designs by hand. Your website is really inspiring. Keep up the good work. Oh yeah… Happy Birthday!

Best giveaway I’ve ever seen.

Happy Birthday! This is one of my favorite blogs, been passing it along in the last few weeks. Matte Stephens was my favorite post so far. Keep it coming!

Thank you so much for your interviews, links, and consistent emails. Grain edit is my favorite design blog and you guys have introduced me to amazing artists and other resourceful sites. Keep doing what your doing

Michelle V |

Contests and giveaways |

Cool giveaways! happy first anniversary :)

I love looking at your site. After a long day of teaching design to students, spending time looking at the best reminds me why I do it. Thanks!

I’m sooooo addicted to your RSS feel :)
I can’t get enough of Grain Edit!

Congrats on turnin’ 1

Happy Anniversary : ). This is a wonderful blog and great way to celebrate

I’ve really enjoyed your site… Happy Anniversary. I’m looking forward to the coming year!

Tim Walker |

Contests and giveaways |

Hell yeah boyee, Happy 1st Birthday! It’s a celebration b*tches!
…and thanks for the inspiration.

Congratulations on your anniversary! Your site is my favorite daily read, always full of inspiring people, dynamic work, and fantastic design resources. Thank you so much for all your hard work, it is very much appreciated!

I adore this site :) I especially love the found Design section. Happy 1st b-day!

great work guys, you keep me inspired

Jeff Steele |

Contests and giveaways |

Lovely! Thanks for the fantastic inspiration and eye candy. :)

#1 is the bananas.

Congratulations on One Fantastic Year! This is one of my favorite websites, thank you for the inspiration!

Jennifer M |

Contests and giveaways |

Happy Birthday Grain Edit!
wow amazing prizes!
the animal alphabet print has been a fav of mine for a while now!

And you’re finally a year old!! Best wishes, kisses and hugs all the way from Singapore! And you guys leave me in awe, awe or speechless each time I return to the site. I am a graphic design student in one of the art colleges over here, and you guys and everyone else involved are an awesome inspiration. And with all the comments you’re receiving, it proves my point even more – how great you guys are, the support you guys have from us, it’s definitely going to grow and grow as you grow!

Keep rocking and have a grainy birthday!

Valerie Koh |

Contests and giveaways |

If I’m already suscribed to the RSS feed, do I have to post a message?

Oh, wait…

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY from Mexico City!!

CONGRATS! Happy 1 year!

Nick Lakiotes |

Contests and giveaways |

Happy Anniversary, Grain Edit! When I’m in need in some design inspiration, I always come to this site when I think of it… <3 and so you have made art school a little more fun than it already is


Happy Birthday! This website is a constant source of inspiration. Best post ever: Henri’s walk to Paris. Searching for Saul, I found your website. Then when another search for Paul Rand bought me back here, I knew i had to tell my wife farewell. Keep up the good work!
chadwick III

chadwick III |

Contests and giveaways |

love. it.

andy dutlinger |

Contests and giveaways |

Congrats to you on a whole year of Grain Editing! :) I’ve loved all the posts but the ones that stuck out the most for me were the Charley Harper, Alain Gree and Erdoes “Policemen Around the World” posts. But seriously, it ALL rocks. Thanks for creating THE design site for inspiration!

Mel K

this blog is great. keep up the good work!

Keep up the good work. Im glad I found you on a slow production day. Now I stop by just about every day to see what up. Thanks for the inspiration. Happy Anniversary!

Great work, love the blog. Special thanks to Geoff Wagner for introducing me to my daily Grain fix… Mmm… fiber.

Thank you that you exist!
And thank you a lot for your post about Latvian magazine Jauna Gaita.
I’m from this country and for me it was big surprise)

I wish u not to stop developing and still being so unusual and interesting resource! Thank you very much!
Happy Birthday, dear Grainedit!

Happy Birthday, Grain Edit!!!! My mornings are always better with a great blog to start off my day, ; )

Congrats guys, this is a wonderful blog! All the very best from Bangalore, India… You’re a true inspiration!
- Harpreet

Happy 1 year! Thanks for the peek inside “Henri’s walk to Paris” with those amazing Saul Bass illustrations.

sooo much love for everyone at grain edit..


happy one year!

i always welcome your entries showing up in my reader, not to mention many of the people that provided prizes blogs as well!

may you have many more happy anniversaries.

steven wade |

Contests and giveaways |

hi !

i’m new here, but i like what i see! happy one year!

amazing website. happy 1-year anniversary.

I love you guys. I wrote you a birthday song:

“How can I live without you [grain edit],
I want to know.
How can I [something] without you, if you never [something],
how can I eeeever, eeeeever suuuur-viiiiive?
How can I
How can I
How can I liiiiiiive?”

And then we kiss.


all the best for your one year anniversary.
it’s all the time a great visual adventure to visit your site.
please, please go on!
greetings from switzerland, christa

you guys are awesome and inspiring!

Congratulations Dave! That GrainEdit may have just a great year as the last one! If this comment is to win something I would be interested in Accident Grotesque Poster. Thank you and good luck!

It’s your birthday?! Cheese and crackers, I almost missed it. I just discovered your site and I’m in love. I also love prizes.

Excellent. Good design makes life beautiful. Thank you for rocking the good grain.

oh MAN!!! i think my eyes are permanently bugged out after scrolling through the prizes… happy 1 year!

That’s a long list of give aways. Better than coffee and cake :) )
Congratulations ofcourse
What a sweet idea
Love them all
Am going to move house half this month ;)

And ofcourse a local birthday song:
Happy birthday to you
In de wei staat een koe
En die koe zegt I love you
Happy birthday to you

Sylvana Knaap |

Contests and giveaways |

I came accross your website only a week ago, and I love it! I think you have done an amazing job and will continue to follow you through the feeds. It is a generous idea to celebrate by giving prizes. Happy 1 year!

This is very nice from you. Thanks for setting this up.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your beautiful site! I check it everyday. Grain Edit really sharpened my taste for design. And yes, I like to win.

Happy Bday. It’s hard to stop coming back to this blog.

Happy birthday! I especially like your posts about vintage kids’ illustration — I watch you on flickr too.

I’ve only started reading your blog in the past six months but already it’s a wonderful start to my working day (hush! don’t tell my boss!)

Happy Birthday, and I look forward to celebrating the next one with you in a year! How much we will have all grown by then!

Happy birthday GrainEdit! It was a great year and a real pleasure being there for you almost since the beginning.

Fantastic prizes. I just couldn’t not comment on this one! Fingers crossed.

Congratulations and Happy Birthday! I love your site, I love everyone who contributes to it and those who work so hard to keep it alive!! I love you all and well done!!

Happy anniversary! What a fun prizes from such a beautiful blog!

Wonderful site. Keep up the good work.

Bon anniversaire!! Happy birthday!!
Your blog is great! Félicitations!

Happy Birthday !


I heart grain edit. Happy anniversary folks.

this is super! i love all your prizes, and have always dreamed of owning at least one of those terrific posters! and since I subscribed to grain edit, i’ve fallen in love with retro everyday! i’ve even started wearing retro colours now! :) keep going!

Hello. I’m a line of text.

Happy Birthday. Your blog is fantastic, and the highlight of my working day! Here’s to another amazing year.

Ian Marquette |

Contests and giveaways |

Some fantastic prizes on offer.

Happy birthday!

Whooohaaaaa! Happy birthday!

A lot of people who wants to win I see, so do I!

Felicidades y larga vida a Grain Edit!

I have never heard of this site, till I heard of this shindig. Epic giveaways!
Also, your logo is really quite fun!

Appy böödei!

Been following Grain edit for a while now, like it a lot. Keep it up & so on!

Hellos, Holas and Greetings from a cold and dark south of sweden to our favourite designblog! Keep up the good work!


Top Dollar, Sweden.

Happy anniversary, I love your blog and the fantastic give-away. Best wishes to the coming years!!

Happy 1st Birthday Grain!! Here’s to the next one!

happy anniversary!!! and keep up the great work! your blog is amazing!

Keep up the great work!

Top notch peeps! Loving your work.

Happy bithday Grain Edit!!!
Great work!!

Hello hello and a BIG GRATTIS to you all at Grain Edit! You really are my inspiration and guide to great design. Without you I would be lost. This may sound as a love letter and… YES IT IS!
I would be very happy if I won a poster so I could have something cool to brag about in my new empty apartment.

Thank you!

Happy Birthday Grain Edit! Great showcase!!! and may I say great prizes too!!! Keep it coming!!

Bon anniversaire !
Longue vie au site
un blog bien foutu et plein de bon sens!
et envoyez moi pleins de cadeaux !

Happy anniversary, Grain Edit! And thanks a lot for sharing all these amazing discoverings! (and all these wonderful prizes!)

Felicidades from Spain!

Many many happy returns! Now I’ve found your site I cannot contemplate a day without it! And to put the icing on the birthday cake you are giving us presents! When it’s my birthday I’ll have to send you something :) You really have a great eye for design and illustration… many thanks for sharing it!

Your ‘Giant Golden Book of Biology’ post was my introduction to the wonderful work of Charley Harper, so I’m indebted to you for that – but hey, it’s all good! Great blog, great giveaway, many happy returns!

I absolutely love this site! Keep up the good work…

Great concept! I am glad i found this website ;-)

Great site ! Just recently discovered you but you certainly hit the spot with your content. Well done and keep it up. I think I might be your only visitor from the African continent !

Congrats to one of my favorite daily design blogs!

Happy anniversary! grain edit never fails to inspire me and ooooh!i love your logo font so much! congratulations!

ai buenafe |

Contests and giveaways |

I rummaged through the posts for a while (sorry for the mess…) but there’s too many good ones, I’m afraid…
I’m gonna have tot settle for Alain Gree then, since it brought back vivid & happy memories of my youth…

Three cheers for Grain Edit!

Great stuff! Congrats on the first anniversary. Love the Ampersand Tee too :-)

I have been known to stare at the grain edit logo for hours at a time. Happy Anniversary!

Happy birthday! Only one year old and such a lovely baby!

Congratulations Grain Edit! I have been enjoying your delicious offerings in my RSS inbox for a long while now. Selfish really – it means I can keep going back to the entries and drooling over them in my own time. What I appreciate most about your blog is the inspiration you find in objects from the past.. and the fact that you take the time and effort to put them in context so they’re not merely beautiful but beautiful AND meaningful. Keep up the good work!

dear grain edit: congrats on the one-year. wish i’d found out about this blog earlier…love it. pls keep the good stuff coming.

ps. awesome contest. can it get any better!?

Happy birthday !

Just stumbled across this site and the first post I see is a one year anniversary give away! Hot damn!

Great content on this site too by the way ;)

Congrats guys! Love the inspiration.

I can’t believe this site has been running for a year, given how recently I discovered it. It’s great!

The article that probably sticks in my mind is the one that first brought me here, about an exhibition of artwork from the ’72 Olympics. I’d love to have been able to go see it, but being on the other side of the world complicated matters. . .

Yours is one of the five blogs I never miss checking every day! Great stuff! My favorite post was the one about your house/studio. Absolutely fabulous! Keep it up! :)

Nice giveaway! I found Grain Edit while searching for woodtype and clarendon typefaces, actually this whole site is bombing! Thanks for the great work …

Hi Dave,

Happy anniversary. I absolutely love Grain Edit! It makes me happy, greedy and wanting to make stuff! Thanks. Keep the good stuff coming!

wow, what amazing prizes. i’ve been on the feed for ages, love the blog, happy one year!

I’m always amazed at the material you find, from all over the world yet with a similar stylistic theme. So many favourites, the Mike 2600 King mix with the record covers, the Bossa Nova cover bonanza, Cool Chris’s selection – yes I am a sucker for a vinyl sleeve. Also the Penguin, Gian Calvi, Swiss & German Modern Books covers – too much! Enough to make a man give up because it’s all been done before but much better.

Whatever, happy birthday and keep up the good work, always a pleasure to see things of such beauty when the internet is stuffed with ads, pop ups and just plain bad design.



PS: Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

Wonderful prices. Oh, I hope I DO win! Despina

I’m new here, and every next post I opened makes my mind exploding. I start from the end and its hard to say what the best, only what can I say that I found here a tons of thought provision and its indescribably tasty*P. You putting a spells) so keep it up
(sory 4 bad eng)


and thanks!! You are an inspiration sharing all those great designers and fantastic design.

Grain Edit is one of my favourite websites at the moment! I came across it randomly through google images… and now i use it heaps as a source of inspiration for my work!

Lauren Webb |

Contests and giveaways |

Just great things in the giveaway. I have followed your blog (via RSS feed) for several months and really appreciate work you have put to creating this blog. I hope all good for upcoming years and wish that you still find time to create new content and give inspiration and publicity to many designers.

Happy birthday, Grain Edit! ;)

Congrats! Wish all the best! :)

Congratulations on reaching your first anniversary. Love the blog, and the Flickr Photo Stream – keep up the good work :-)

Wow i came too late%(
My congratulations!
One of my favourite blogs

woah, great prize giveaways

love the blog, keep up the yummy works
Happy 1st Anniversary!

Congratulations for the amazing first year and best wishes for the years to come! You are a great inspiration…

sakis stritsidis |

Contests and giveaways |

I am looking forward to your email updates every day! Keep up the great work – you are enjoyed by so many people!


Happy 1st Anniversary Grain Edit. It’s a wonderful blog you’re running and the beautiful graphics, illustrations etc you dig out put a smile on my face every morning and make me want to create!

Keep up the great work.

Happy Birthday Grain Edit! This is absolutely my favourite design sites, I read every update and am constantly inspired by the beautiful stuff that you show. I think my favourite post so far (although it’s hard to choose) was the one about Henri’s Walk to Paris by Saul Bass…I now have a mission to find an out-of-print Holy Grail. Always nice to have a mission. :)

Thanks for all the great inspiration.

Happy Birthday Grain Edit and thank you for the blog, it’s rare to see such a good taste, I do love every post.
All the best.

Paola Vozza |

Contests and giveaways |

Congrats grain edit!and happy bday to you!
Keep up the inspirational work!

Oh, I love Grain Edit so much! Thanks for the great articles and giveaways like this. I loved the Invisible Creature interview. Please keep on posting like that!

Beautiful website, beautiful prizes. Congratulations on a year well spent.

wahou one year already! well a very happy birthday!!!
I couldn’t pick up a favourite post to be honest, I enjoy every little bit of your site! I wish you many more years of Grain edit!

A friend Showed me your site for the first time today, and I totally loved it.
Amazing work…… and I love the prizes! Want them all!

Congrats on your one year anniversary. My favorite posts of last year, where the one on Alain Gree (made me buy a couple of books), The making of ‘Lots of Bots’ and the sneak peek in your awesome house (plus the other studios as well). Keep up the good work.

Happy anniversary! Such a nice site to visit daily. So inspiring!

Patrícia Cruz |

Contests and giveaways |

congrats on one year, just found the website and i’m loving the designs

Amy Johnson |

Contests and giveaways |

Howdy Grain Edit & a happy anniversary to you!
I think one of my favorite posts from last year would be the Mike Davis interview, particularly the work in progress images and the 30 second design challenge. Fantasy Cow? Amazing.

Looking forward to seeing more great work!

Hi, congratulations on an unbelievable 1st year! grain edit is my absolute favourite of all time graphic design site. I get so much inspiration from your posts, and oh boy, I just LOVE this post – 53 Years of Latvian magazine – Jauna Gaita. I can’t seem to get those pink and orange and white semi-circles out of my head. I keep trying to come up with a way to use them in my business because I’m just crazy for them. As long as you keep publishing, I’ll keep reading. I’m yours for life!

Joyeux Annnnnnnnnnniversaire !!!!
Discovering the website and loving it !! ;D

Thanks for sharing your birthday gifts with us !!
Kind Regards





Bobbygrotesk |

Contests and giveaways |

Happy Birthday, and huge congrats on a brilliant site. Always a pleasure to read… always inspirational. I’ve discovered so many things here that i wouldn’t have otherwise. Love it!

this is a great competition and very ruddy generous!
i have to say i am particularly of jason munn’s fantastic work. his work, along with many others, puts me in such awe. keep it up with such good articles and up-to-date reviews.
muchos thanks
h xx

i found your blog when you wrote the hartmann-article, and checked it ever since, always good original content popping up! plus, a chimero print would be fun ;)

oooh, how exciting! happy blog birthday :-)

Woww great gifts :D
Congratulations, and thanks for your wonderful posts!

Seems like Grain Edit has been around forever, let’s hope it is. I can’t possibly pick one post but I loved the odd mention of stamps and enjoyed your feature on Jauna Gaita Magazine. Keep it up and fingers crossed I’m picked out of the hat.


David McFarline |

Contests and giveaways |

Wow! Happy birthday Grain Edit! Really solid work–this site is a deep and varied source of inspiration, one of my favorite things about the internet. Thanks for sharing!

Happy birthday! I usually check your flickr page (it’s one of my contacts) and find it always inspiring and funny!
Go on with the good job ciao from italy

Happy BDay GrainEdit! Just found you a couple months ago and wow, such great inspiration.

BaconIsGood4You |

Contests and giveaways |

Happy birthday!!! Keep up the good work… you always provide a great read and I go away learning something new about design or typography.

My favourite recent post must be about those fabulous Spanish match books… oh I covet them so!!!

Loved your interview with Jason Munn. That guy rocks, his posters are so simple but visually cool to look at. Wouldn’t it be loverly to win a poster of his :)

Love the blog. Great prizes too.


I think the fact that you guys are able to offer these sort of prizes (as well as choosing to do so) speaks louder then words as to how great this place is. Congrats to you fellas.

Looking forward to seeing what awaits us over the course of the next 365 days. Godspeed. C

wow, stunning prizes! Happy anniversary, I love this site! =)

Rafael Marques |

Contests and giveaways |


nathan Carvell |

Contests and giveaways |

Happy anniversary Grain Edit! The prizes look amazing!

Rachel Kipp |

Contests and giveaways |

hi! i stumbled onto your site for the first time yesterday while doing research on graphic design in the 50s and 60s…and i completely fell in love with this site! :) after reading through some of the posts that were previously posted…one of the ones i liked the most was the post about Matte Stevens. I love his work and it was good to see other things he has done in that post. :) By the way….HAPPY ANNIVERSERY!!!! :P

Michelle "that design girl" Holder |

Contests and giveaways |

Wow – what prizes!
Happy Anniversary – I love my daily, yummy grain feed!

Hi there,
Congrats with your anniversary. I must admit, I’am a bit hooked on Grain Edit.
I’am always eager for a new post.
Keep up the good work.
You’re making this a better place to live in. (and work in)

happy 1st anniversary.
what a great, great giveaway.

Thank you so much for this mind boggling giveaway! Happy anniversary, this site has become a staple of my daily routine, I look forward to it every day. I have to say the making of the Wall E book post was my favorite!

Ahhh! Happy Birthday! I am so glad I found you!

Congratulation on a year!! I don’t think my students would be nearly as successful as they are if I wasnt able to show them inspiration from your site. I have managed to pick up about 5 of the books that I saw on your site. Thanks so much for helping to raise the bar on design.

Hello, My name is Shalem Bencivenga. I am a graphic designer/Art Director and I love Grain Edit. I live in Keene, New Hampshire. Thanks Cuz!!! My favorite post was the interview with Mike Davis.

Congrats on the 1 year anniversary! I’ve really enjoyed visiting daily.

Wow, good stuff. Love the site, and congrats on your anniversary. Here’s to many more. Hard to pick a favorite, but the Charley Harper illustrations really stood out.

I’m really enjoying Grain Edit. Where else do you get the opportunity to see so many different artists/graphic designers’ work and learn about their processes. Very inspiring.

Happy anniversary, and thank you for such a beautiful and inspirational site.

Well, thank you Grain Edit for all your discoveries. You are great ! A goldmine for all those like me who love typography and graphic design.

Once again you show us great taste!
Great prizes!
Happy one year!

I would love any of those prize packages. I found grain edit a few months ago and it has become part of my daily routine. Thanks for the great blog!

Happy anniversary!! this site is awesome! Invisible Creature interview is my favorite!

Happy birthday Grain! You’ve managed to collect work from some of the most interesting artists & designers about!

I want your prizey goodness!

Grain Edit…you rock my world!

Conrgats! Found this site several weeks ago and love everything about it! Vintage print work regularly inspires me, and it’s great to have a site dedicated to it (some of the time)!

Oh, and uh…gimme gimme!

I keep asking myself where you’ve been all my life and then I realized you’re only a year old.

Congrats on one year!

I am an avid reader and thoroughly enjoy seeing updates from grain edit when I review my rss feed subscriptions every day.

Best wishes on many years to come and thank you for blogging!

Happy First Birthday!

I must say the most interesting posts were the interviews. Discussing their creative processes and why they enjoy this vintage style was truly inspiring.

Keep up the great work.

I love waking up to you in my RSS feed ;) Happy b-day, keep em coming!

chrislreynolds |

Contests and giveaways |

Yay for a year!!! I love the site, keep up the good work.

Congrats on your 1 yr anniversary. Keep up the great work and here is to several more anniversaries!

Brilliant! Thanks for the always quality content.

Wow! Free stuff and a great blog! Amazing!

Happy anniversary! A look at your site is always inspiring.

Jessie Magee |

Contests and giveaways |

GORGEOUS giveaways. Love the anniversary graphic, too. Congrats on hitting the big ONE!

hello. thanks for the great blog. glad to see you’ve made it to the one year mark :) .

i love the cat smoking a pipe stamp and the spanish animal matchbox series.
felicitations on your one year!

I came to the site for the first time yesterday and went through the whole archive and subscribed to the feed. I can’t believe I missed out on the first year. I hope the second year is just as good.

Happie Birfdee to you

feliz cumpleaños!
hope the new year is as inspiring as the first one :)

Hello, and happy birthday!

I only discovered this site a few months ago, but have been a hardcore fan ever since. I get the RSS feed injected into my Google reader on a daily basis :)

I guess I should be a little more active in comments though! You guys have an awesome thing going here.

Thanks for the inspiration!
Happy Anniversary!

I think what initially got me hooked was the Wink interview.
I’ve always loved the copy cats logo, so it was fun stumbling on the designers.

–Also a pleasant surprise to see an interview w. another mpls resident Mike Davis.


completely stoked I found yalls feed via google reader. Blogging my design sites get me through the day! Fairly new to grain edit, but looking back, my favorite has got to be the “Typefaces and Alphabets by Clotilde Olyff “. Very inspiring finding type just within nature. Great stuff my friends.

amazing site. happy bday, and thanks for the countless sources of inspiration!

Congrats on one year! I think this is the only site I check on a daily basis! Great Stuff.

Happy Birthday Grain Edit! Hope to see more studio tours this year!

Andy Gabrysiak |

Contests and giveaways |

Happy Birthday, grain edit!

Grain Edit makes me happy in my eyeballs. Bon Anniversaire!

I love all the posts — really! But ones where you give things away are pretty dang sweet.

Laurel Hunter |

Contests and giveaways |

hey! happy birthday ;-)
you have a fantastic collection, really inspiring.

Here’s to many more amazing years. I was loathe to add yet another design blog to my ever-growing RSS feeds, but you guys are just plain worth it. Since I saw the Invisible Creature interview I’ve been totally hooked…

Thanks again, and please keep up the good work.

Pick me, pick me!

Happy Birthday Grain Edit! I’m so glad I found you!

happy birthday!

Congrats grain edit!

May you have many years of quality design posting radness!

I dig the Citroen brochures post. Great old things they are.

I love grain edit. happy birthday!

Congrats on a great first year!!

i would be honored to win any of these prizes.

hurrah for grain edit, best website hands down. :)

I love your site. A very organic feel. Congrats!!!!!

I stumbled upon your site through Invisible Creature. You are now in my bookmarks and checked everyday. Excellent site. Love it.

Congrats! The prizes are great!

Loving the blog, digging the prizes! Keep up the excellent work.

i love giveaways. cheers!

Hope I win an ISO50 poster or two! Yay!

Those are the greatest prizes ever! Congratulations on the anniversary, too. Great site!

Andrea (Minnesota) |

Contests and giveaways |

Grain Edit is the undisputed champ… sh*t yeah!

congrats! love the blog.

I need all these prizes.

happy natal anny, grain edit! you’ve managed to cultivate a magical little corner of the intarweb over here. thanks for the endless supply of inspiration and reinvigorating my love of design… to another year of very good things!

Your website is the best way to fill me eyes with glee when I’m low on inspiration. Always full of treats and names that I would never have known about otherwise. So in short, thank you so much for all your hard work, it is much appreciated every day and for many more to come. A very happy birthday to you grain edit!

I love grain edit!


CONGRATS on one fantastic year!

I’ve been following Grain Edit every day since the beginning. You’ve filled my mind and eyes with so much beautiful design! There’s truly nothing else out there like you.

Looking forward to year two and beyond,

Suzanne in Chicago |

Contests and giveaways |


Happy 1 Year!!! Here’s hoping for many more. :D

Joe S (York PA) |

Contests and giveaways |

I love your site, your work and all the work you display. I check it on a daily basis for inspiration.

I lost everything when the Dow Jones plummeted yesterday. That Vuela poster in particular will look stunning in my new squalid hovel.

Wesley Earl O'Henry Finnegan von Bonifay de la Cherimoya |

Contests and giveaways |

Congrats on the anniversary, too many blogs would be lucky to have the first year this one did. Keep it up.

Congrats and thanks for a year of delicious screen candy.

happy birthday!

Great blogging here. Really love it.
And all the best for your next years! Keep it up!

Congrats on the anniversary, and thanks for the inspiration.

Congratulations on your 1 year – my favourite post has to be Children’s pop up book – The Jungle Race – I love it AND I think that you should give it to me :) also totally loving the Alexander Girard Baby blocks – which i ended up buying because of your post!

I love reading your blog. Yay for one year and many more to come.

Love the site! I look forward to reading your posts daily.

I love this site – read it every day…

Congrats! I read your blog all the time. Those iso50 posters are making me salivate!

sara Bassick |

Contests and giveaways |

I thought I had some great design ephemera, but then I keep coming back here and realize, I got nothing. One of my favorite blogs!

Happy Birthday! (Just don’t ask me to sing.)

Happy anniversary! Many thanks for sharing such beautiful finds!

thank you so much for starting this site. you have turned me on to a lot of great design, especially considering the little time i’ve been aware of you. well done on your first year and good luck for the next. i am very envious of any one who gets those first two prints – breath taking. cheers so much. h

que los cumpla feliz!!!
que los cumpla feliz!!!
que los siga cumpliendo, hasta el año 3000!!!



yuda mateo l. zúñiga |

Contests and giveaways |

Happy birthday ! I’ve been enchanted by your posts all year long. I look forward for this new year !

Congratulations on your first year

Barkley Anderson |

Contests and giveaways |

This site is the bananas.
#1 looks good

I check your feed everyday and it keeps me happy and inspired. My most beloved post would have to be the Invisible Creature interview or the Small Stakes interview. Also, the recent Lots of Bots post was great! Keep em coming!

Those giveaways are FANTASTIC… here’s hoping.

-marky / MidwestLove

Whoo hoo!
yee haw
yip pee

Grain Edit makes me happy.

Beck Smith |

Contests and giveaways |

WOWZERS! Great prizes indeed, Sir.

My fav Grain Edit post of the year was definitely the Wink interview. They produce some amazing work & they drew pictures of KISS when they were kids, just like me!

I really do enjoy reading Grain Edit every day as a companion to my morning coffee. Always an inspiration. Keep up the awesome work!


This is one of my favourite websites and sources of inspiration!

James Gemmill |

Contests and giveaways |

Yep durn right.

Congratulations on your first anniversary!

I grew up in the sixties and seventies and had such a great admiration for the talented graphic designers and illustrators of the time!

I remember the days when graphic designers sat at their drafting table with all their paraphenalia.

Your site is an inspiration to my young sons. They love to see the images by all your talented artists.

Continued success!

wodd could use some.

First, I’m going to write a comment,
then I’m going to submit my comment,
then I will go all the way to winsville.
~Howard Dean

Fantastic site!

Oh Danny boy
the giveaways, the giveaways are calling,
from poster to poster,
to shirt to shirt,
to my hillside…

Happy anniversary, I love your site!

I say hip hop,
hippity to the hip hop,
don’t stop the rockin,
till I get the good dees.

Happy birfday! Finding your site/daily feed was a Godsend! Nothing like a dose of daily creative inspiration! Cheers!

Hey! I love the Love Saves the Day Silkscreen Print from Wayne Pate/GoodShapeDesign!

Thanks for all of the inspiration!

Richie Cross |

Contests and giveaways |

Ohhh, I would love to win one of these amazing prizes. Always look forward to your daily emails! (p.s. Tommy says hi.)

Happy anniversary!! Love this site. Since I just started going to school for Graphic Design and before I decided to, this has been an amazing inspiration to me. I always wait for my newsletter to arrive. Lovely give aways and I hope to see the same amazing content in the future. The amount of work you put into the blog is very very appreciated!

fantastic! always look forward to see what’s on for the day!

congrats on turning one! here’s to many more years!

i’d love to snag one of those prints/prizes!

loved the idea!

Very Merry Birthday Grain Edit! You are delicious.

Hey hey, congrats! There’s always such wonderful stuff on Grain Edit. Really great curating. Thanks so much!

This site rules! Tons of inspiration. Fresh design old and new.

I think this is the longest post i ever seen here. hehe… ISO50 rulez.

I love the word ‘shindig’.

I also love the word ‘giveaway’.

just sayin’…..

Oh yeah and this…


I’ve been hooked since you featured Damien and the guys of Rad Mountain.
Quality content, great source of inspiration. I stop by daily.

Stay Fresh.

happy 1 yr birthday! looking forward to many more lovely photos and discoveries.

You’re great! :D

Happy Birthday Time! Every morning I get excited to see what you’ve got served up for the day. You’ve been an amazing gateway to so many great artists/designers. Looking forward to whats in store in year 2!

I *heart* jason munn!


Happy Happy Birthday !

Mélanie Bras |

Contests and giveaways |

Happy birthday! Great stuff, always, and I will forever love your wordmark!

Happy Anniversary! Always love the drool worthy inspiration. Consistently helps get the design juices flowing.

Its my birthday on Tuesday! Happy Birthday to US!

Thanks for inspiring.

OMG I love those posters!
Happy anniversary!

Keep it up! I love hearing and seeing more about my favorite artists and designers :) Keep visiting studios and bringing us along.

these prizes rule!

Happy day to you! Those are great prizes.

congrats on 1 year!

my favorite posts throughout the year definitely have to be the studio visits, keep those going!

Happy first birthday to you!!!!

Jean-Marc Lanoe |

Contests and giveaways |

One of my fav blogs. great work

Love the blog. I really enjoyed the posts on Chronicle Books. Did I mention that I’m a student and that my walls are bare? Keep up the good work!

Gasp! I almost (almost!!) hope I don’t win. How could I ever choose between those beautiful prizes? I can’t believe this site has only been going a year – I started reading many months ago and it already seemed like an institution. Thanks for being such a constant source of wonder!

Laura x

Congrats on a full year, and here’s to many more… Great stuff!

Well done Grain Edit. You’re the coolest one year old I know. Happy birthday!

Congratulations and happy birthday! It’s a damn fine site and has been a source of inspiration since I first discovered you.

Congratulations! Pick me!

This site is amazing! What a great source for inspiration! Happy birthday!

Congratulations! Great postings all around…glad to see it continuing.

Awesome site!… new reader started with the British Railways Memorabilia and was hooked ever since.. keep up the great work

Wow, what an amazing giveaway! Congrats on your first year—you’re one of my favorites. Keep it up!

Your blog ALMOST shares an anniversary with my husband and me! We just celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary on the 29th. So close! I’ve enjoyed your blog immensely since I happened upon it last fall. I’m having trouble choosing a favorite post, but I’ve loved seeing the images you’ve posted. It has really helped shape my style as a graphic designer–tons of fun inspiration! Keep up the good work.

Oh my goodness….I love the states by frank chimero…..I want it!


Great site, great contest! Did I just enter?

Sweet. I’m so adding you to my feed. Wait I already did. I’m adding you again…so sweet. And now, free stuff! Hook a brother up.

great great really GREAT!!


congrats on the anniversary! you guys are one of my favorite sources for yummy eye candy. great giveaways!

Yay for 1 year! You guys are a phenomenal blog! Nobody else digs out the rare vintage graphic work that you do. Thanks for reminding, inspiring, and making me smile :)

Hi from NY, NY. Just signed up for your email after a friend in Oklahoma City tipped me off. You’re a phenomenon. go grain edit.

Happy B-day! love the site…

Congrats on 1 year!

Wow! I’ve been subscribing for a while, congrats on one year!

Thanks for the wonderfully quirky inspiration!

lovely gifts, congratulations for 1 year of retro-eye-candy!! daily visits here

cheers from brazil

This is better than work! yayyyy!!!!

congrats! dig your site!!

I can’t remember how i first came across your page, but I love it. It’s a great pick-me-up for my less than creative job. :)

Whoa! What a muthaload!
Love the site, keep up the good work!

hot diggity dog! lovin the site!

Happy Anniversary and keep up the good work!

i’ve been subscribed to the rss feed since january. i feel lame that i can’t think of a particular post that stands out, but i think that’s really just because the entries are so consistently interesting.

Checked out the Invisible Creature interview, and I’ve been coming back ever since.

Thanks for sharing such great sources of design inspiration! I always look forward to seeing what’s new on the site.

thanks so much for all the hard work and a keen eye for the good things in the world!

Always excited to see what’s posted here. Always legit. Yay for G to the E.

I think I found Grain Edit through Draplin. And as is with most of his referrals, I now check your site every day. Loved the Bo Lundberg Interview. Happy birthday and keep up the good work.

This site is one of my daily stops. Always dope!!

Great idea – count me in x

…and many more!!!

I hope I’m one of the randomly selected winners—in fact, I hope I’m third, because the Jason Munn interview was my favorite :)

Just when I’m feeling super stodgy and glum, along comes Grain Edit to make me bright-eyed and bushy-tailed all over again.

happy b*day!


Besacalles |

Contests and giveaways |

While design school is kicking my ass by day (well.. and by night, too) reading your interviews with designers and posting up some of the raddest vintage design artifacts totally helps keep me sane and realizing that one day after this 4 year obstacle course of design education.. I might too have some hope one day to be in those designer’s shoes and position. There is light at the tunnel! Thanks for keepin my head up, Grain Edit! Happy Anniversary Bros!

Waw! Happy bday.
Fingers crossed!

Happy Birthday.
thanks for keeping all the wonderful inspiring design coming.
Still want to find a copy of the amazing Charles Harper book you had up a while ago.

I am also new to the site and love it. Happy birthday, and I look forward to many more.

Hey Dave, glad you dug my Adrian Johnson article — the guy has such an awesome, distinctive, memorable style. Happy first — I just hit 1 myself, gotta love the trials and tribulations of an art-and-culture startup.


Amazing giveaways! My fave post has been Publicity and Graphic Design in the Chemical Industry.

As always, Grain Edit is Grrreat!



GE is a great afternoon read to get the design mind recharged. you do a terrific job! congrats

Saw this on
Awesome contest you got going, lovely posters!

Nice prizes! I can’t believe it’s been a year already. I love the found design section and look forward to it staying strong! Thanks!

Yes! Grain Edit is great… congrats on the one year!!

Congratulations on one year. I look regularly to your wonderful blog for inspiration. Thank you!

Congratulations on Grain Edit 1 year Anniversary I always appreciate constant updates and inspiration
I wish you luck and see u next anniversary

Joseph Lee |

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My favorite post was the one about the austrian hotel brochure. I loved it so much that I used it on the myspace for my band.

Congrats on a great year. You’re at the top of my daily “must read” list. Thank you!


Just found this site but look forward to digging through the past year’s posts! Congrats on the Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary. I don’t have a favorite post, but I love pretty much everything on here.

Many happy returns, Grain Edit.

Wow! so many awards! Happy Anniversary!

Yo. Happy birthday!

I don’t even know what a grain edit is, but I’d like to find out.

love this blog! so much yummy stuff everyday, particularly loved the Scott Hansen post, and the British vacation memorabilia posts.

Happy Birthday! Wonderful site.

Happy anniversary! I discovered your site through Coudal, and I really enjoy it. I’m going to add you to my RSS feed right now, so I won’t forget about you.

Happy Anniversary! I love your website. :)

Happy Anniversary Grain! You guys are fabulous!

horray! happy birthday! what a great shindig! i’m signing up for email updates right away (i would’ve even done it sooner if i had been paying attention.)

Happy one year! Thanks for the great inspiration.

Congratulations on your 1st anniversary!

It seems rather unlikely that I should win given the amount of comments. However, your site is a beacon of light on the internet and is a regular stop. Keep it up guys! And those prizes–well, that’s about the best prizes I’ve seen given away in any contest.

A pile of awesome stuff!

awesome! i love grain edit.

Look at you! You’re a whole 1 yr. old. Are you ready for big boy pants now?

nobody else i know gives out presents on their own birthday…you truly are an innovator, grain edit!

I’m very happy you’ve made it so far, and I can only hope you continue your success. I really enjoy this blog, so thanks for all your effort.


Christian Glazier |

Contests and giveaways |

Greetings GrainEdit. You are teh coolness.

Been big fans of you guys for a few months, consistently have the best design sense around.

Gregor Gallagher |

Contests and giveaways |

I absolutely love Grain Edit; what a great resource for inspiration!!

favorite post? How in the world could I choose?

Hi Guys,
just discovered this site recently, keep up the good work!

cheers, John

You have an amazing and inspiring blog! Keep up the great work! Happy Birthday

happy anniversary!






Congrats on the anniversary!

Happy birthday… the blog is great, very inspiring

Joana Rabbit |

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Hell yes Grain Edit!

Drue Dixon |

Contests and giveaways |

Happy Anniversary :) I love you site, I couldn’t live without it!

Katharine Atwood |

Contests and giveaways |

Keep up the good work!! I love what you guys bring to the design community. there really is nothing like this around on the net.

Great Work.

Hi Dave! Congrats on one year of Grain Edit. Just found the biz card you gave me at Tommy’s wedding so this is actually the first time stopping by your blog (!!). Will be sure to stop by daily from now on!

Your blog is retro-goodness inspiration.

Great Posters! Happy birthday Grainedit!

Awsome!! Have a wonderful 1 year anniversary and my best wishes to keep on inspiring people from all over the world!

Happy Anniversary! This site rocks.

Happy anniversary. I love your site.

Happy Blog-aversary!!!!!! ;)


pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


happy happy and best of luck in this year.


Love the studio visit posts. Especially the IC and Small Stakes!!

I subscribed to your RSS feed a short while ago, and I absolutely love what I’ve been reading.

Love the site. I’d been looking for a couple months before you said you were Moodswing. I actually had some of your stuff back in the day. I vote Matte Stephens for coolest house, and Jason Munn for best interview.

commented before signing up.

I was linked by Mike Davis’ “So Much Pileup,” and I really like what I’m seeing. Congratulations!

Congrats and thanks for a such a great site.

your blog became a favorite the first time i visited a few months ago! i get so much inspiration from it daily. big congrats on a year of awesome posting fun!! :) (ps… i’m already signed up for the rss feed…)



jared rippy |

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you and me |

Contests and giveaways |


Ooh happy 1st to you! Here’s to many, many more.

nick barber |

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Great site! Glad you had this promo so I could find you!

Thanks for the great site. Am excited every time there’s a new post!

I’m fairly random. lovely posters. If I win I’d grind them down like an old twix and feed them to the juju bush

what it do?

i loved the mike davis article, and am pretty freaking happy he and scott hansen are involved in this giveaway.


I spend my time browsing the Grain Edit Flickr. Yep. Love it.

I have found about this site about a week ago, and i love it and really inspirng

jose garces |

Contests and giveaways |

Grain Edit is amazing, congratulations on turning one!

You have always been an inspiration to me, being a student studying graphic design.


I LOVE YOU GUYS! pick me!! xx

love the site and would love some prizes!!!

Your grain feed is a great read in the morning. Cheers!

make a wish and blow out your candle!

I enjoy the hype more than the posts. Happy birthday anyway.

Happy anniversary!
Congratulations and thank you for the continuous inspiration.

One last thing, I can’t choose a favorite, all were great.

Oh my godness.
Such lovely work!
happy 1st!

Christopher Gronberg |

Contests and giveaways |

Out of all honesty:


We all do and regardless of who wins you cannot deny what great stuff these folks always have for us. I love the brain candy. Sometimes I open Grain Edit before some of my friends emails. (Sorry friends). Don’t stop believin’…gimme gimme gimme I want some more, Grain Edit!.

Happy Anniversary! I’m always inspired by what I find here!
Thank you so much!

I was so stoked when I came across your blog the beginning of this year.. inspiration is so valuable Thanks heaps guys!! ~_~ Great stuff!!
Happy anniversary!!

i love grain edit, and have been an RSSer for about a year.
i enjoy my daily serving of grain.

oops, i typed my URL wrong- sorry!

Happy Birthday!! T’was a truly grand day, the day I stumbled across this fab blog. So hard to choose a favourite post but Saul Bass and Henri’s Walk to Paris is it.

-Beautiful work… it inspires me daily.
Thank you and congratulations on 1 year.

Happy anniversay! Love love love it all. Thanks for all the inspiration and joy.

Ohlala my favorite post, can’t you aks some easier question? :)
Let’s say uhmmm.. everything that has the wordt type in it!!

x keep up the good work!

hello! i like what you’ve done here!

I just discovered this site and it´s great! Those goodies are really nice stuff from people I certainly admire. Congrats and keep going!

hi there! congrats for the anniversary. this one is the post of the year /and maybe the post of the next year too :) /

Love your blog.
Congratulation for your first (and many more will come) birthday.
Kepp on the good stuff.


Hmmm… congrats mr Grain Edit! All year long, to much nice stuff! All those grain edits making me really really fat!! It’s just to much! But now, I would love those real posters… hmm….

Anyway…. keep up the good work!!

Rein from Holland.

Happy birthday Grain Edit!
Wonderful blog and what a fantastic giveaway!

Wow, this is great. I love the prices that you are giving away. No cheap, useless prices. But very nice, inspirational ones.

Keep up the good work!

sivleelvis |

Contests and giveaways |

Thank you, Grain Edit for simultaneously distracting and inspiring me every day. Your interview with Jason Munn is still my favourite post…

Ian from South Africa

Congratulations! Grain Edit is a great resource. the swiss chemical industry post is my favorite.


hello grain edit!
congratulations! when i found out there was a blog dedicated the mid century modern design, i thought it was too good to be true. thanks for the consistent updates and wonderful finds! this is the most wonderful blog ever!

Happy anniversary guys!
Great prizes and a great blog, keep up the good work.

happy birthday, grain edit!
thank you for all the inspiration.

I love GE!! very inspirational! Congratulations on one year! and I only found you a couple of months ago, oh what i must have missed, still, so much more to look forward to. Keep up the good work!

Looking forward to more quality content this year. Keep lining up those interviews!

Happy one year! I too am in love with Grain Edit and the delivery of inspiration right to my homepage. Thanks for your work over here!

Whoa! How come I’ve missed this all year? Why didn’t anyone tell me?

Some great giveaways there.

Happy Birthday.

Congratulations – If I’m ever in Oakland let me buy you an orange juice!
Highlights for me include Charley Harper, who I’d never heard of before. I’m now the proud owner of the big CH book – it weighs a tonne. Also Matte Stephens and Invisible Creatures talking about their work.
Keep up the good work.
Ali, London

Sweet swag!
Congrats on a year, you have a great eye!

Wow look at all those juicy prizes. Congrats on turning one!

A wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary, and I hope the next year brings many more inspiring posts.

Keep up the great publishing!

Très beau site, très intéressant !!!
Joyeux anniversaire :)

Happy Birthday Grain Edit!
This is by far my favorite design website. I live for all things retro and you guys keep me updated with everything from hip to fab! Its difficult to say what my favorite post was, I really liked the post about the Wall-e book and I have likewise enjoyed the Bo Lundberg and Matte Stephens interviews. But really I love just about everything posted on here. I think also that a spotlight on classic designers could be a good addition to your website. Like one week there could be an article about Saul Bass and another about Milton Glazer and so on.
Anyway, to many more years of groovyness!

From sunny down under:) Melbourne, Australia.

hooray for grain edit!
hooray for 1!
hooray for all the nice things i discovered here!

Congratulations and happy birthday!

Hip Hop Happity Birthday Grain Edit! I ♥ Henri’s walk to Paris – it made me smile.

Keep up all the amazing work guys

Merry 1 Year Wishes – You’re #1!

Congratulations on one year! Awesome stuff.

haypp brtihdya!
(grain o’ brain)

well i don’t visit your site as often as i’d like but damn your flickr photostream is sexy.

G.E. is the place to be, and get some goodies for the family.

I love U Grain Edit!
Very vey very much!

Happy Birthday!

A most hearty congratulations on your anniversary. Yours is a great blog whose posts I look forward to every single time. Thank you for putting such marvelous work out there for all of us to enjoy and be inspired by.

the winner should be number 600. this is the best part of my blog readin’ day.

Happy Birthday!

Thanks for the awesome content. :D

We all love gifts, don’t we?
Thanks for the daily inspiration.

you make me feel like a winner.

Corngrats. Whee!

Happy 1st Birthday Lovely grainedit!
The interview with Matte Stephens was my favorite entry…but really…. I LOVE them all! h:)

Oh YAY! Pick Me! Pick Me!

Yay! Happy Birfdae you consistent source of awesomeness you. Mmmm….geez….Invisible Creature, and Jason Munn were rock star posts for sure. So hard to pick faves, it’s been that good.

Congratulations on your first year! Those posters are all so fantastic! Thanks for sharing them! (& pick me, pick me! Pretty please with sugar & sprinkles?!)

I’m hooked on the grain! Fantastic job this year!! CHEERS!
Must say that I really dig your interviews, especially because
they reveal so much about the artists creativity.


WOW! 608 Comments and counting! Took me about 12 minutes to scroll to the bottom!! I flippin’ love GrainEdit, it keeps me up to speed on the latest in the creative industry. I loved the Invisible Creature interview/ tutorial. So helpful. Keep up the good work! and show me the goodies!!!

Hola! I loved the interview with Jason Munn of The Small Stakes! He’s a big inspiration. I think you also did an interview with INvisible Creature which I enjoyed. Love the site! Thanks.

Has it been a year already. I check the website out just about every day as one of my first stops on the internet. Its great to have a place to go to when looking for design inspiration for a particular style. Keep up the good work. And as far as my fav post, I cant say that any one is my favorite, but the interviews always feel like the most informative. Thanks for putting this site together.

Has it been a year already? I check the website out just about every day as one of my first stops on the internet. Its great to have a place to go to when looking for design inspiration for a particular style. Keep up the good work. And as far as my fav post, I cant say that any one is my favorite, but the interviews always feel like the most informative. Thanks for putting this site together.

Pure Beauty Strikes Again!
Thank you for the past years inspiration!

Andrew Hooper |

Contests and giveaways |

What a fabulous giveaway!!! Thanks for all the great posts!!! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Shouldn’t we be giving you presents! :-)

Congrats on turning ONE! Best of luck and I hope to continue coming to Grain Edit for many more years to come!

I would love to have one of each but I’ll settle for one if it’s even possible at this point. Thanks for all the good times this past year – especially the interviews.

Kyle Harris |

Contests and giveaways |

I cannot believe that this blog has only been going for a year! Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to the year ahead.

Always checking,

This is an amazing giveaway, with so many great and beautifull things.

Picking a favorite from all your posts is a hard thing cause there’s many interesting stuff that is pretty close to me. From all the stamp designs that bring back childhood memories, to the dutch books & posters that are interesting to me cause I speak dutch, to all the nice things I’ve discovered trough this site.

From the the wordk of Gian Calvi, The Small Stakes, Bo Lundberg, Dick Bruna, etc. It’s always been a pleasure to read the stuff you keep feeding my graphic designing brain.


I love grain edit!!!

Hello :-) Happy birthday!

hey hey what a wonderful blog!

Happy Birthday, y’all!

My favorite post? The Groove Merchant album covers. Can’t get enough.

Hey kid, congrats on turning one!

congrats and keep on rollin’!

My husband and I have followed your blog for about 5-6 months and we’re hooked! Thanks for entertaining us everyday! We wish many more years of success!

Sheen Rajan |

Contests and giveaways |

always a pleasure viewing this site, thanks a million for all the amazing posts.

Hi! I think maybe my favourite post was the one on Alain Gree, or Charley Harper’s Giant Golden Book of Biology. Thank you for introducing me to two brilliant illustrators.

Happy anniversary! Grain Edit is truly one of the best. Keep up the good work!

Amazing Contest! Congrats on the one year anniversary of being awesome.

Glad I found my way to the blog. . .
Exciting and beautiful design for interesting reasons!


oh . . .and I have to say I am partial to the “Giant Golden Book of Biology – An Introduction to the Science of Life” . . .

I Hope I win!

Oh my gosh, your prizes are so great
it gives me butterflies when I see them!
I just discovered you today, WOW!

WHOOPEEEE! I love a good old fashioned shindig I do! Hope you guys have a super duper birthday and a fabulous swinging knees-up to celebrate! x

congrats on a year.
awesome assortment of loot.

An amazing assortment of goodies!

Loved the Wink interview in particular, but all the interviews and daily goodness keep me coming back.

flanksteak |

Contests and giveaways |

my comment has been posted

great site, and so many comments already!

I LOVE this blog! Gets me through the workday!


Ryan Harrison |

Contests and giveaways |

*crossing fingers!*

my one and only blog email subscription…sweet! need to be looking at more good design more regularly. still wish i knew how rss works, but whatever.

Hey hey, wanted to say that I adore the site and I’m currently swooning over these lovely prizes! Woohoo!

Count me in, you guys rock. Congrats on one year!

Really enjoy your blog. Lots of great inspiration that I’ve referenced and shared.

Contratulations on one year!! I really enjoy your interviews–keep up the good work!

Some of those shirts must have been hanging out in Ethan’s closet because they have indelible wrinkles on them. Wait, nothing hangs in Ethan’s closet.

Congratulations on one year of sweet sweet bloggery. You can have the after party to the after party at my house.

Emily Nora Craig |

Contests and giveaways |

congratulations on an excellent year!

Happy Anniversary!!!


congratulations! keep up the good work!

Hello! I actually just stumbled across your blog this morning, added you to my Reader, and have spent an obscene amount of time reading and going crazy with starring posts.

A lot of the work you highlight reminds me of the aesthetic of one of my favorite design professors (he died from cancer, way too young to go, was very quick and sad and shocking and so on), which was a welcome reminder to get my ass in gear and not be so whiny about not finding any inspiration lately. So, thanks.

Also, probably my favorite posts are your interviews, though I do love me some eye candy.

Best blog ever. Loved the Cuban film posters blog post. Happy Birthday.

landed here via small stakes. great stuff. congrats on the anny.

Matt Anderson |

Contests and giveaways |

Congrats and happy bday for the big.. oh-one!

Happy Uno! Hoooray for Grain Edit and all the beeeeautiful design you show!

always inspiring fellas!

Feliz cumpleanos and all that jazz – you guys work it and own it!

Yay for artistic expression! Especially the promotion of such a great thing. Thanks!

Graphic design kicks ass! So does free stuff!

I need more stuff!

I just found grainedit a few days ago and subscribed immediately. Glad I made it in time for the contest! Also glad I wasn’t comment #666.

Congrats on the one year anniversary! You and the invisible creature blog are the first things I check before I get to designing every morning! Keep it up! You guys are killing it!

Wow. This is a wild way to celebrate your first year. Those prize packs are nuts (in a very good way). Just wanted to chime in and say “keep up the good work.” I really enjoy Grain Edit’s interviews and the sweet designs that you muster up from days of yore. Rock on.

Kristen R. |

Contests and giveaways |

dang, what else is there to say? you are consistently splendid.

wow, great prizes! congrats on your 1st anniversary! i just found you via small stakes…i hope i can still get work done instead of being infatuated with this site.

I go to grain edit, every day from the beginning!!! Congratulations to you!!!

Happy first birthday! Your blog is very refreshing and inspiring. Keep up the good work!

Happy first blogiversary, Grain Edit. I first discovered you via the wonderful Matte Stephens interview – great stuff and top birdies. Looking forward to many more fantastic posts. xx

Hmm, hmm, veh nice indeed. My first visit and enjoying very much. Congrats. ™ :)

Tim Lennon |

Contests and giveaways |

Thanks for the great inspiration! Cheers!

Ryan Summers |

Contests and giveaways |

I discovered your site with the Invisible Creature interview and have loved every post after that. Thank you for providing such a great resource and collection of inspiration for all of us.

Charlie Howlett |

Contests and giveaways |

Happy Birthday!!

My favourite posts – to name but a few – have been the Matte Stephens interview, the Creative Review collection of rare stamps, and the Otl Aicher exhibition.

Keep up the awesome work!!


Chris Emerson (UK) |

Contests and giveaways |

I recently found this blog and I’ve been loving it. My gateway was the Invisible Creatures interview. Thanks for being awesome!

I stumbled across your blog a couple of months ago, and immediately found it to be fantastically inspirational!!! Thanks for all the great content! Keep up the good work!

Kevin Gordon |

Contests and giveaways |

Woohoooo! and yay as well.

great site, thanks for sending all those lovely images to my iPhone! Happy birthday… I have my fingers crossed :)

Mike Bithell |

Contests and giveaways |

I love this blog!! Your designer interviews are awesome :D

Mikhaila Aldaba |

Contests and giveaways |

Great blog! Terrific content! Happy Birthday!

The post on the “grids are good for the soul” poster was the one that awoke my interest in typography and has got me going for evenings and evenings of studying this field of work. I thank you for that.
Happy Birthday.

Tony Jansen |

Contests and giveaways |

how can I just choose one post? so much inspiration around here. thanks for sharing!

happy anniversary. don’t change for nobody.

I’ve just discovered your blog thanks to The Small Stakes. Can’t wait to explore and find my favorite post!

What beautiful prizes! Your blog is the best ever. There have been so many wonderful posts but my favorite is probably still Henri’s Walk to Paris, although I love all the interviews as well.

Great job hitting the 1 year mark. Found you through Antonio’s blog. I would kill to get his poster since i was late on the draw for that.

As i was scanning through the prize list i was thinking how amazing they all were, they noticed set number 2, and couldn’t believe that all those parts were just one prize…

(Just discovered your blog a week or so ago from ISO50, but it’s now on my daily reading! Great stuff!)

Happy one year!
What delicious prizes you have…

Great googly moogly! 600+ comments? Whodathunk?

1 year, where did the time go? Congrats.

sweeeeet stuff :D Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Grain Edit!

what would i do without my daily grain? probably waste away unfashionably.

happy anniversary!!!!

Hey! I just discovered this blog and this is a great site! Definitely be coming back! Love all the interviews. Happy 1st year!

great gives! happy 1st bday.

Ameliapeta |

Contests and giveaways |

I had no idea it has been a year, I know I have been checking the site often when the grind gets to be too much, but the year has flown by very quickly. Thanks for the pointing us all in interesting directions.

Love love this site! thanks and happy 1st and many more to come!

Whoa to the mega-comments! Congrats on the one year mark of swellness.

happy first birthday! Cheers to another year of inspiring content.

happy anniversary from paris!

Thanks for the great conterst Grain Edit. You get a click from me everyday. My fav post . . hurm . . . turning us all onto Aurora Grotesk (aka Annonce). Such a damn good font.

Hey Happy 1st Anniversary!! Great Picks! Best of Luck to Everyone!

Emanuel C. |

Contests and giveaways |

Congrats! The prizes look really great *crosses fingers* =D

One year already! You guys are the first blog I check every day. Thanks!

you make my eyes drool!

This site has much illustration that suits my fancy. You won’t believe how many times I come here to just look. I love your site. I hope you pick me, but I guess it happens if it happens. I just hope it’s me, ahahahaha. One of my dearest posts would have to be the one about Mike Davis, but they are most all pretty good. Thanks for picking me, ha.

yay anniversary! thanks for the contest grain edit!

rock on

Keep up the great work old timer!

i’m a newcomer, few months back…thanks for directing me to Sasha Barr’s site a few wks ago! Love all your posts, actually.

This is my first time to your site – but it looks great. keep up the good work!

Jesse yuen |

Contests and giveaways |

Hi!! I found myself here during a search for “The Giant Golden Book of Biology” and saw beautiful scans of it on your website. Now I have to subscribe, of course, and enter your raffle. Good luck, can’t wait to see more!

Zoomazooma greattastic awesomeness

Brand new to the site – excited to check it all out!

Happy first and many more.

One of my favorite blogs. Awesome selection of giveaways!

Sean Sutherland |

Contests and giveaways |

hi. i’ve read every post and have enjoyed everything, truly.

but wink’s sunmilk…

i. can’t. stop. looking. at. it.

Ooh, that Accident Grotesque poster is /choice/ …

It doesn’t seem like a year… It seems like only yesterday I stared into the soothing glow of my computer screen to see so much sexy beauty looking back. I look forward to checking this blog every day. And every day I love this blog more. Big, wet, sloppy drunk kisses, baby. Happy Birthday… let’s go get some chocolate cake with gobs of frosting and ganache.

noisyspoon |

Contests and giveaways |

Thanks for the great work. I cannot believe how much beautiful art and design you have uncovered.

I liked the Small Studio office tour. It was fun seeing this studio’s concept art.

I hope I win something sweeeet. hehe

Again, thanks for the website. Grain Edit is a constant inspiration.

Yowza! I have to say that the interview with Matte Stephens is one of my favorite posts of the year!
Happy birthday and thank you for all the wonderful inspiring posts!

Yikes! it’s been a year of waking up to Grain Edit…and what a joy that is. Thanks for your sweat and tears friend. i truly dig it……and adrian johnson of course!


I thought it was dope to give us a peek into Grain Edit studios. And of course, the Mike Davis piece. Really inspirational stuff. Big ups on a massive year for GE! Respect.

Hello grianedit,

I’m a young creative director and I love your blog. I have found it just a while ago and check upon it daily. keep up the good work!


Happy birthday
’cause you’re at the top of my feed

Happy One Year Anniversary! Keep up the great work! :)

Love the inspiration I found via your facebook site….

I love your fonts!

Heyyyyyyy! Such a great idea these gifts! We can see that it works! what a lot of comments here! ;-) I hope I will be one of the winners! haha!

A big hello from Manchester, UK.

Wow, great prizes. I honestly don’t know which I would choose, given the opportunity.
Keep up the great work.

Sounds awesome!

F A N T A S T I C !
found this site by “accident” yesterday… awsome… inspiration… information… soooo what i need…
and having an interview with bo lundberg… huge plus… i already love this place… cool… tanx!

Padwan Leinad |

Contests and giveaways |

First came here to read the Mike Davis interview and have been sucked in since. Thank you for all you do on the blog. I hope you get as much of a buzz from it as all your readers. Again, thank you!

hello! pick me pick me!

It is the Grain Edit’s birthday and the gifts are for us !
I love it…

hello from small studio

This is awesome, I got here through Julia Rothmans Blog… and I will stay a while, now…

Please sign me up for this wonderful give a way…

Such wonderous gifts…You’re too good to us!


I love the whole site, and its given great ideas on how to have a cool nursery without all the annoying hoopla! I love it all, and I miss you both!! I’ve been reading for a long time.


Charity Starchenko |

Contests and giveaways |

happy birthday to grain, happy birthday to grain, happy birthday to graaaaaaiiiiinnnn. happy birthday to you….

many happy returns on the grand occasion of turning a whole year old!

i heart you guys.
lots of cuddles.


<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 (theyre suppose to hearts…)

grain edit rocks my world like Univers 39 Ultra Condensed

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday Grain!

Please go on like this!

Thanks to the site for their hard work and hope it continues…

I found this page through Jason Munn. It is great and I will be checking in often!

Happy One Year Anniversary!

I love Grain Edit! it’s such an inspirational site and my fave RSS feed. Happy Birthday and keep up the good work!

Happy Anniversary!

Christopher |

Contests and giveaways |

Hooray! Happy Anniversary!

Happy birthday and WOW! Cool site. Found you on Pikaland.


Congrats on your 1st anniversary! I really enjoyed the Matte Stephens interview. Thanks for having such a great giveaway! So many options! wow!

Happy Anniversary! I’m just discovering this site for the first time, it’s pretty amazing!!!! Found you through an email blast from The Small Stakes…

congrats on one year.

Congrats! Happy Anniversary!

I am a new subscriber and love your site. Congrats on one year!!

Yummy, fresh indeed!
Congratulations on Year One.
h xx

Found this place a few months ago. love it here.

All that great art is about to make my head explode.
Here’s to hoping I get lucky (my new house could use some art…)

great site, by the way. I love your interviews – they are sincerely interesting.

Happy Anniversary! I love this site and all of its interviews (always an inspiration).

I can’t wrap my head around how amazing the giveaways are…Amazing.

I’m not feeling particularly lucky, but am happy to have found you through Julia Rothman and hope to be with you for anniversary number 2…

Wow. What timing. I just stumbled on this site by doing a Google Image search for “leaf”, and I think I’ve found a new fave!

Yay! Entered. Fingers crossed.

pick me, pick me! ;0)
you guys are amazing. i LOVE this site.

Awesome prizes!

Nice, nice, I found this site yesterday during one of my classes. I love your interviews and the pieces you guys bring to the table. Good work!

The synthesis of form and content.

William Lawrence Carra |

Contests and giveaways |


Kurt Lorenz |

Contests and giveaways |

grain edit inspires me
im a huge fan!
cheers for another year :D

Thanks for so much wonderfully consistent design. You have a fabulous eye. Grain Edit is in my “go to” bookmarks.

Love checking out Grain Edit. Lots of great posts like Henri’s Walk to Paris and I was especially happy to be alerted to Nikkatsu – Japanese actions films. Thanks!

Dear Grain Edit,

I’ve been meaning to drop a Hello to you for sometime. You make
the internet a better place:)

Thank you.

I am saying hello and also telling you about my favorite grain edit post of the year, which is this one.

Congrats on a year of grain edit! Thanks for the sweet interviews that provide insight into great design (the influences, techniques and experiences). Fine design doesn’t just grow on trees ya know.

Hello! Hello! Happy birthday! Looking forward to another year:)

Oh, I have such a crush on you Grain Edit! Happy anniversary! xo

GE – healthy part of a balanced breakfast. Morning ritual design intake. Keep on Rocking.

Awesome blog. I’ve been hooked since the Invisible Creature interview.

Thanks for keeping up the great content on the site!

Your’s is probably my favorite internet thing.

Thanks for the great work! It’s always inspiring.

Congrats on turning one! I love the blog, favourite has been the interview with Invisible Creature but all the studio tours are awesome. Keep up the good work.

Only discovered your site recently but it quickly became one of me faves, has all the flavours I enjoy. Just make sure you carry on for many more years :) !! favourite post? err lots of ‘em!

Congrats! What a great way to celebrate! Your site is a constant source of inspiration. Keep up the great work!

Congrats on a great year of blogging!

Saludos desde CHILE!
Congratulations and happy anniversary!
I’ve read some articles in this years and got inspired by many of the amazing images you have posted. Great work!
Nice giveaways ^_^’ – - I like’em all! T_T

hey. very, very, very nice blog.

I want! I want! Pick me!

Howdy Grain Edit!
Love getting my daily (or semi-daily) design geekery fix from you folks.
Keep on keepin’ on….

Terence McKeown |

Contests and giveaways |

Just discovered Grain Edit 2 weeks ago. You guys got some great interviews! Great source of inspiration.

heeeey, congrats! grain edit inspires meee, hugs from brazil!

: )

wow im a deisgn student form new zealnd just found grainedit ready to join up! very extremly impressive and inspiring. thank you

a whole year already? feels like i found ge only weeks ago, although i’ve been reading and enjoying your blog (almost) from the beginning…
congratulations and a big hug to say “thank you” from germany

grain edit blows my mind. inspiration and emotion on every page.

Hello. I’m relatively new to the site, having stumbled across it through a link on Monoscope, but what I’ve seen has been pretty great. There’s some cool stuff here.

Happy 1st.

Just found this site from ISO50, which is one of my favorite blogs. This place looks like it will be very helpful, I’ll have to stick around and see what’s going on…

Alex / HeadUp |

Contests and giveaways |

Those prize packs look extremely enticing. Congrats on the first anniversary! Amazing site you’ve got here, great source of inspiration.

Jordan Chark |

Contests and giveaways |

Congratulations guys! I will have a tough time picking a prize if I win! I never win anything! I came second in an egg and spoon race once though. Anyway, keep up the fantastic work.

Toby Fletcher |

Contests and giveaways |

Hey there! How does it feel to be one whole year old?

Hey, Really enjoy the blog. My favorite post was the Jason Munn interview. I had him as a teacher and it was really cool to get a peek into his studio

love the site – and these prizes are great!

Happy Birthday!

Hooray! You’re old!

Hello, its my first time here. It seems like a great site.

Hellooooooo Everyone, Good Luck to all!!!!

Damnit Grain Edit >_< why such an amazing give away? Don’t you realize how crappy I along with many others are going to feel if we don’t win (hell I might cry myself to sleep…well maybe not…no, definitely not). I would say my favorite post has to be the 70′s modern stamps from Israel. Good luck to everyone!

Hello all!

Happy Birthday – hope I win something!

*Love* the typography of the title. I think I’m going to like this blog.

Matthew Robertson |

Contests and giveaways |

good luck to me!

Happy one year anniversary!

Happy Birthday. Great content with a pretty logo, can’t get much better.

Pick me.

Happy birthday; I love the site!

What is a shindig?

I guess I should be happy I just discovered you on your 1st anniversary rather than your 10th
Good luck best wishes
It is great to get a visual kick start to the day. Kinda like coffee for the retinas.


Congratulations Mr Edit. Very fine job. Looks like you’re really kickin’ it in 2008, just like Michael Jackson tried, but you’re really, really doing it. My favorite post was the Stamp Collection on Flickr. I’ve never seen such amazing art, and the best thing is that there’s millions of them.



artist and drummer Sam Smith here — found this site through Mike Davis at Burlesque. I haven’t even made it past the most recent post and I’m already breaking out the sketchbook.

sam's myth |

Contests and giveaways |

Hey guys! Sweet give-aways, and great blog…. I’ll certainly be watching!

can’t for the life of me remember how I found your site, but it’s been an endless source of inspiration over the past year, leading me on to finding out about new designers and unearthing some old forgotten gems. Keep on keepin’ on!

Congratulations on your anniversary.

Happy birthday
Greetings for Spain, i love all of these posters designers, youre great

bernardo mur |

Contests and giveaways |

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I too late?????

Happy Birthday and I can’t believe you’re only ONE … you’re sure …erm… ‘mature’ for your age …

These are awesome prices.

Love the blog guys— congrats on the Anniversary.

Congratulations on turning one, excellent prize choices I must say.

happy bday
favorite recent posts:
Design Coordination and Corporate Image – FHK Henrion
SLEEPY TIME! Do Not Disturb Hotel Door Hangers
Doshi Levien – Base Patterns for Tefal Teflon cookware
450+ examples of German and Swiss Modern Book Design
Vintage Electronics and Music Concrete booklet
Editor of Dwell Magazine reveals his modern home + his owls
Poster by Dutch designer Otto Treumann
Vintage luggage label from Norway
The Ampersand – yep, a blog about ampersands
(dude, they’re all good)
keep it up/hope I win

Happy birthday to a fabulous blog, and here’s to many more! Keep up the good work!

Happy birthday!
My favourite posts are usually the illustration and type-related stuffs from the past, thanks again.

Hooray! I found you through scott hansen, who I found through one of our local design bloggers.

Ashley SGK |

Contests and giveaways |

Just discoved this blog and am looking forward to spending the day sifting through 1 year of posts. Happy Happy from Montréal!

Happy Birtyday!

One of my favorite places to visit! I’ve always been a big fan of the interviews that get posted!


Hello and Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday.

Hello there and happy birthday!

fantastic site, happy birthday ! (too much comment on this post :P , all have been said)

Happy First Anniversary!

Happy birthday to one of THE COOLEST blogs out there!

Well, I have to say that is the best giveaway ever.
Thanks to you and the artist’s.
Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary.

Happy birthday!
Keep on keepin on.

By the way, when I was a kid, “Isodore l’hippopotame” was one of my favourite book, just after “Le chien fantaisiste”.

I love this site!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I’ve been completely enjoying grain edit for the past year….love it! Inspiration is always oozing out of grain edit’s pores! Happy birthday

One of my favorite blog turns one year old ! Congratulations :D Happy birthday from Québec City !

Well I might have to pour a Brandy and relax to my grandmother’s vinyl copy of “101 Strings: On a Tropical Evening” to celebrate!

Past is Prologue, right? ;)

I just found this site a couple weeks ago and immediately signed up for the RSS, I’m loving what you guys are doing, this giveaway might take the cake though! regardless, grain edit is awesome, and congrats on a year old!

Super-totally-awesome Grain is dat best. From the Netherlands typography connexxion!


\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
\\\\\Awesome year!! guys \\\\\ \\\\\\\ Pick Me\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ||| ||| \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ (|) \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \ / \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
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\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\( ||| )\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

I win.

I love free stuff.

Wow congrats :)

One down, more to go.
Well done!

You make me happy! Thank you!

great site!
never fails to lighten my mood

Your prizes fill me with joy!!!
Your site gets better everyday, so if my math is right…that’s 365 times better than it used to be.

enjoying your site ever since i can remember…happy birthday grain edit!

congrats! heard about your site from iso50. from what I see, you’ve got some great stuff! Here’s to many more!

Hello. I’m in. iso50 sent me.

wonderful site! bon anniversaire

Am so glad that i found this site. Such wonderful work here!

i love this site! i love illustration, happy anniversary guys!

Congratulations and Holy Cow! Just being able to see those prizes was like winning a prize. Happy Anniversary and thanks for such a cool site.

I really, really love your work!! I get a lot of inspiration from this site, so thank you very much! All the way from Brasil, Fernanda Tor4.

Fernanda Torquato |

Contests and giveaways |

Thank you for being so wonderful! This is my number one site for inspiration.

Hmmm, most recent favorite post was the tip-off to the Draplin Design Co., I really enjoyed poking around that website.

congrats. you are no longer an infant, but now… a toddler.
where do you dig this stuff up? dig dig dig it some more. love the wink interview. mmm… pizza made from lumber.

Hello, and congrats on the one year anniversary. I just love the post on alvin lustig’s wirtting.

im now a subscriber! grats on your 1st birthday
i love some of the illustration you have posted here, very inspiring :)

wow this is so cool!

“I–think–I–can, I–think–I–can…”
“I think I can, I think I can…”

“I–thought–I–could, I–thought–I–could…”
“I thought I could, I thought I could…”

“Don’t–think–I–can, Don’t–think–I can…”
“Don’t—–think—–I—–can, Don’t—–think—–I—–can…”

Sorry……… I just don’t think I can.
I can’t seem to resist coming back for more!!!

Happy 1 yr anniversary and thanks for letting me be a part of your giant celebration!

This is fantastic! I’m new to GrainEdit…now there’s a contest?!?! Lovely! Happy 1 year Anniversary!

Hola. I love your blog – thanks for the great inspiration!

net = you and porn


Thank you!

Grain edit! thanks again for the great site and great giveaway.

Hi, I’m a reader from distant Buenos Aires. I do admire your work with the blog, and really enjoy all the artits that you show!
Thank you for being there. I work in publishing, and is very refreshing to watch all this work around and it’s candy for the eye.
(And please, sorry my English, it’s not as good as I would like)

GrainEdit has really make constantly good picks on posts & especially on posted graphics. I really like to read your blog & it’s a nice giveaway!

I really love the blog, keep up the good work, and would really love to get my hands on a prize package! My studio space at school is pretty bare; this would surely liven it up!

Congrats on turning 1! I really enjoy your blog!

Impressive comments list. Well, if it reduce my chances of winning any price, it is a good thing though, because it means that the site will continue spreading interesting works ! Keep going guys and happy birthday !

Wow those are some great prizes!
Great site, congrats on your 1 year!

God Bless whomever invented blogging and God Bless whomever invented grain Edit – my daily “go-to” reference!

laura siasia |

Contests and giveaways |

I’m new to the blog, but it looks great, congratulations!

ross tesoriero |

Contests and giveaways |

Hello! I like your blog !

Grain Edit! You all have the sharpest goggles of all. Thanks for always showing us the cool items that have been created by people like us. Yeeha!

Helloooooo Grain Edit, I have only just found your blog, but will definitely be back for more grains of illustrative wonder! x

Happy Anniversary! Thanks for being a vigilent proponent of good design. Keep up the excellent work.

One of my favourite design blogs, yours is.


grain edit WOOO!!!

I’m new to the site; where have I been??? What great prizes; now I’m off to browse all that I’ve been missing!

Ursula Arnold |

Contests and giveaways |

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!! I came across your site about two months ago, and I just love most of your post here and Grainedit is one of my favourite design blogs. Keep up the good work and all the best!

Actually I didn’t knew this magnific blog ( I’ve found it thru ISO50 blog! ) but now I’m pretty interested in it, I really do! I wish I could get one of this amazing prizes, folks! BTW, happy b-day, fellas!

Hugs from Brazil, bye!

One of my favorite feeds to see new posts from… The post on the art of WALL-E book was great, though I also loved the hotel door hanger post. Happy birthday!

Great site! Happy one year

happy birthday, grain edit :) you are number one on my netvibes.

Happy birthday!

Woohoo and congrats on your anniversary! I’m always finding out about great cool artists. Thanks.

I think this is the best blog giveaway I’ve ever seen! Congratulations on your first year, I’ve really been enjoying it.

now that I’ve found you I won’t let you go


Probably the best giveaway on the whole internet, I want those Scott Hansen posters!! Some really beautiful stuff there, good luck to all :)

Congrats to the anniversary, this an amazingly amazing site you have here. Been following it for a while but this contest tops it all. I just can’t believe all those wonderful prizes. So, I’m looking forward also to other contests on the next anniversaries. :)

Congrats on one year of being awesome.

Hey ya’ll! I love the site – don’t stop truckin! I’m ready for another great year.

I was drooling when I found this website. Now excuse me while I pick my chin up off the keyboard. This comp is amazing.

Happety Birthday!

I’m a late arrival here, but damn it’s a fine place.
Congratulations on great looking first year.
All the best for some special years ahead.

Andrew Fiscalini |

Contests and giveaways |

I started coming here when I realized all the other design sites I visit directed me here–a convergence of the design superhighway. Thanks and congrats on one year.

Ryan Moeckly |

Contests and giveaways |

Awesome blog amazing give away! thanks GrainEdit!!


James Park |

Contests and giveaways |

Great blog. Love the ISO50 posters.

This site ranks alongside Scott Hansen, Smashing Magazine and Facebook as the first thing i check on my Netvibes page!

Wonderful site full of cool images, cheers!

David Walker |

Contests and giveaways |

Congrats on your first year! Great blog too, I will subscribe to it now.

This is a great blog. I especially enjoy your interviews and studio tours.

I’ve been keeping up with this blog for some time now and I have nothing to offer you but my scary love and admiration. Keep up the awes work.

One of the few blogs i check constantly and I’m never disappointed. Happy First Birthday!

Congrats! I check Grain Edit every day. All the best.

BADASS Prizes!!! Congrats on One Year!!!

Ryan Lewis |

Contests and giveaways |

Wooooooow. These prizes are UH-mazing! My laptop is covered in drool. What a great offer, congrats to the soon to be chosen winners! I’ll be a regular visiter ’round these parts for SURE.

Pitch Design Union |

Contests and giveaways |

HappyAnivers! Rad blog and keep up the good posting- Top prizes too, any of them would be quite a treat for the walls.

Stan Erskine |

Contests and giveaways |

I actually just discovered this website today, but it is already a fantastic addition to my google reader. Great taste, great features, amazing retro sensibility. Would love to be considered for the raffle! And please keep up the good work!

Barry Shafrin |

Contests and giveaways |

Congratulations guys.

Congrats! My first time here, but looks great so I’ll definitely be back!

favourite post of the many i have as ‘keep new’ is the Edizioni Corraini – Un Sedicesimo magazine but the blog is always a joy to check.
respect and congratulations

congrats! my fav was the walk in paris thing w/ saul bass. keep up the good work guys

hey just found the site cus of the mention on iso50. I so far like what I see. This may become one of my regulars.

This is great, congratulations!
I love all the work i see and just having anything made from design gurus that inspire me its enough.
its just nice to have around in the house/office, a poster, a tshirt, a notebook or more inspirational resource that triggers joy for both the designer and artist in progress… for the long road of design is good to pack several nice savory visual meals… 100% organic inspiration

Congrats. Yummy stuff.

Happy Anniversary! Love the site and check it every day.

I like your site, glad you made it!

Best site ever. For real!

Happy birthday!
A very inspiring year !
Hope it will go on like that for the second one.
Good luck and congratulations…

Congratulations on getting one year old! Keep up the dazzling posts!


oh wow!


Happy anniversary!! Congrats on this great website, an inpirational resource like no other for us mid-century modern design fans! Keep up the good work and a big thank you from Argentina!

Happy One Year!! Thanks for making such a great site. A friend of mine guided me to your site a couple months back, and I’m glad he did. I love the stuff you post. It’s retro-modern that never goes out of style. So, thanks!!

Happy Happy. I would be so much less INSPIRED and way less cool without your site.

Happy Anniversary! Your site is such a great inspiration!

Shari Horne |

Contests and giveaways |

Happy Anniversary! Well done! You all do a terrific job of keeping awesome, inspirational design and designers in front of our eyes.


Just found this site today – amazing!

Sweet blog. Heard about you from ISO 50.

Congratulations! May the best of your past be the worst of your future. Bottoms up.


Is it a cop out to say my favorite post of the year was when you linked to More Ways to Waste Time’s tour of your studio? I always love your studio tours but to see your own workspace was especially cool!


Congratulations on 1 year! Always a fantastic site for inspiration and procrastination throughout the day.

Thanks for the inspiration. Here’s to another year.

I love Grain Edit! My favorite posts are those of stamps:


Grain Edit always has the best selection of inspirational work, but the interviews are probably my favorite. Happy Anniversary and keep it coming!


WEEEEE! Happy Anniversary!

You’re delicious.


Greg Morton |

Contests and giveaways |

congratulations. I’ve really enjoyed the post thus far, and I look forward to the future ones!

i love grain edit- happy anniversary!
so glad for the daily dose of deliciousness:)

I’m glad we both get to celebrate our one-year anniversary’s in the same month. Only if I could offer half the amazing prizes your guys are. Well, anyways, congratulations and I look forward to many more great articles.

Happy Anniversary!

Congrats on the anniversary. Found you guys from The Post Family’s website and will continue to check out your site whenever possible! Keep up the great work!

Happy 1st Birthday! so grown up now!

I’ve only recently discovered this, but wow has it shown me some amazing things. I’m having lots of fun trawling through all the posts

Hope you celebrated properly with some nice drinks :)

Wishing you all the best for the year to come!

I just stumbled upon this site while searching for Olivetti posters, and I’m sure glad I did. I’m excited about the chance to win your giveaway but I’m really looking forward to receiving your mail and exploring your site. I found heaven:)

Kristin Bramblett |

Contests and giveaways |

quiero ganar quiero ganar!!!

I stumbled upon this site looking for design from the 70s. What a lovely site.

Kayla Horn |

Contests and giveaways |

found the site via tycho’s iso50 blog — looks really great, very interested!

I almost missed this! Never again will I go out of town!

Happy Anniversary! Amazing gifts you have gathered.

great stuff here! Saul Steinberg would be ever so pleased with what’s happening! would love a special on rare 60′s & 70′s brazilian & bossanova record covers – soo many great one’s out there. check …fantastic record store…..
thanks again grain edit….

aaaand here is my hello !

hi there…great stuff.

hhhhappy birthday! I’m so happy i found you guys today, i’ve been looking for a website like this forever!
thanks for doing it.

I’m gonna win win win woohooo :D Glad to have found this blog – looks great!

Happy birthday :)

Just found your site the other day and I love it. Sent out a message on Twitter and it got retweeted 4 times almost instantly :)

I recently found out about this website, and I love it! Thanks for keeping it fresh!


Cody Bartz |

Contests and giveaways |


Ahem.. I mean.. what a TONNE of cool stuff! I ain’t just trying to be flattering when I say this is probably the largest design blog giveaway of 2008..

Would love to win ^_^


Great site! Just found it and such an inspiration!

Happy Birthday,
Great blog keep up the inspiration.
Jon :)

Jon Wearne |

Contests and giveaways |

Happy anniversary one and all, you are a beautiful thing!

Happy anniversary! Found you on d*s.

Lauren Connolly |

Contests and giveaways |

I love you guys’ blog! it’s a visual feast!!

This is the best contest I have ever seen!

Having moved to Alabama 10 years ago, the interview with Matte Stephens has to be my favorite! Happy Anniversary.

happy first year of being so freakin’ rad!!

What amazing prizes! Well done on this blog, the standard is constantly so high and usually makes me wish I’d done it first!

This is the best give away ever!!!!! Hello and happy anniversary!

excellent blog! looking forward to discovering more awesome design through y’all. happy anniversary!

Love the site! Happy Anniversary!

ONE big hello from scandinavia to my source of inspiration and eye candy when regarding graphics…also the source of making me spend some time online looking for rare and cool graphics..and spending some money..!!
all the best..keep the good work

Stockholm stream |

Contests and giveaways |

I am continually inspired by your blog. Happy anniversary!

Fantastic year! Best luck for the next year! You brighten my day!

I love the blog. Many more anniversaries in great style! Now say cheeese… ;)

oooh- pick me pick me!!!!!

Jill Greenwood |

Contests and giveaways |

Definitely one of my favorite blogs! Always a good inspiration and it keeps me from getting too bored at work. Keep it coming! Happy anniversary!

Just found your blog by way of Design*sponge! LOVE it!
(no give me some schwag! ;)

I love your blog! I found it via Lab Partner’s Blog :)

I’m fairly new to your site but it’s such a great source for design inspiration… which is definitely needed when sitting at my work computer for 9 hours every day! The contest prizes are incredible – nicely done.

just found your blog via Design*sponge today. Thanks for all the great info and inspiration. I would love that alphabet poster….actually would love any of it!

i’m hooked!

Happy one year grainedit! You’ve been such an inspiration to all of us! Totally one of my favorite blogs out there! Now…about these prizes…

Heather Klein |

Contests and giveaways |

i’m so glad i stumbled upon your site and happy that it has been so successful! i love it!! happy anniversary!

Congrats on one year! May you continue to have success.

I just discovered this site and its awesome!! happy one year! too many more!

Congrats on the year, and congrats on the Design*Sponge guest blog. It’s nice to know someone else out there was probably as excited about the documentary “Helvetica” as I was. Looking forward to keeping up with you!

and many happy design days to come.

nice! best wishes!

bonne anniversaire! you have great taste, and my fave post was bo lundberg (among many!) cheers!

Grain Edit is the best design blog of all

! ! !

Grain Edit is the best design blog of all !

my goodness, what an amazing giveaway! certainly the best i’ve ever seen!
congrats, happy birthday, best wishes, & the like. you’ve truly got an amazing site.

Congratulations on your anniversary. I have so appreciated your efforts. I visit regularly for inspiration.

Happy Anniversary!

Love Grain Edit.

awesome blog and awesome contest! congrats on turning one

Holy Smokes what a give away! I can’t pick a favorite post but I certainly did love the sweet interviews.

great giveaway, and thanks for the inspiration. Keep it up. deeder deeder.

Fabulous Adrian Johnson interview!

nice work, and thanks!

discovered this site about 2 weeks ago and check it daily
you do a great job on it.

Jeff Millard |

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what an amazing site you have – inspiration abounds! i just found you but wish i had known you all along! you are now in my daily feed ;) congrats on turning ONE! i look forward to more creative genius and inspiring design!

Happy Birthday, Grain Edit! I’m proud to have been featured on your site within your first year of many – of that I’m sure.

Keep up the great work!


Excellent & interesting blog you have going on. Happy Anniversary! – Cate

Congratulations, Grain Edit! I love the site and love the works posted! Keep it up!

Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Haaaaappy Anniversary!

via the Flinstones

happy anniversary! thanks for the giveaway!

I just found your site through DesignSponge and am currently working my way through your past year of posts. Amazing stuff! Happy Blogiversary!

Glad I stumbled upon your website…great stuff!

Just surfed on from Design Sponge…Great site!

congrats on a great first year. let’s see more studio tours!

Neat! I love all the prizes. Found you via Design Sponge.

happy 1 year! prize me!

Hi, just found you via your guest blog on Designsponge which I go to every day but I think I might have found a new daily read. Look forward to reading previous postings.

i just found your site via design sponge. it’s great! I look forward to following it for many more 1st years!

you guys are sooooo supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – obscure, intuitive, beautiful, delicate, educational, supremely intelligent and capable of great achievements. :)

Also coming over from DesignSponge… what an awesome site!

Hi Grain Feed!
Hope you’re having a nice Tuesday, the week is still fresh.
My favorite post is the one on British Railways Memorabilia. I love that two-tone graphic style.

thanks for the daily inspiration!

love it!

wow, just 3 days away!

Just discovered your site, via DesignSponge…I’m looking forward to reading my way through your archives.

happy 1st anniversary! great, inspirational site.

Congrats Grain Edit! You are a daily read for me :)

Only just found this blog, just my sort of thing. Just looking at the prizes is making me swoon!

Happy Anniversary! You have an excellent blog here so I know you’ll have many, many more anniversaries to come. Thanks for the giveaway shindig fun!

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I love your blog! You make me wish I knew how to screenprint every day! (I also like free stuff :) ). Happy birthday!

Congrats on the anniversary. Here’s to many more!

What a great idea for a great blog! Thank you, and many happy returns!