The Giveaway is Coming..

Hitting screens later today!


Congratulations on your first year – it’s a fantastic blog with quality content. Here’s to another year! Judith.x

Happy Birthday and thanks for all the inspiration.

Congratulations on your first year!!!
And here’s to many more!

Congratulations for such a great design site. It’s wonderful to see the work of international designers, including someone from my country, Spain :)

Congratulations on your first year!!!

Joseph Lee |

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Congratulations on your first year and many thanks for all the inspiration. :)

lina borges |

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Your blog is awesome. Congratulations from Barcelona! :)

Indeed- many congrats! I have loved your blog- keep it up!



Happy blog-birthday!
Thanks for all the inspiration.

Hey Thanks everyone! I want to buy each and everyone of you lots of expensive Sweater vests but, instead how about I just hold a Giveaway Thing! By the way the ShinDig Giveaway is up.

I have been LOVING Grain Edit since I started subscribing months ago. One of the highest quality feeds in the old reader, keep it up guys!

Happy anniversary!
I have been returning to Grain Edit for inspiration since you published the Bossa Nova album covers. I am always inspired by the quality and diversity offered. Thanks, and many more.

Awesome accomplishment Dave. You have so many things going on I am amazed that you keep this blog going so well. It is cool to see the comments from other countries too! :-)

Grain Edit is so awesome. I always look forward to opening my emails from them. It’s like candy come on . So sweet and never know what flavor to expect. OH SUGARPLUMS!!!!

I have just discovered your site and feed. I am in Thialand off work with a broken leg. Great to be creativly inspired by your posts. I loved the matchboxes recently.

S Hatt |

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I think I found you via a typography flickr pool where you posted something that got my heart racing and now I lap up my daily grain feed. Thank you!

happy anniversary
i am a new subscriber and i love getting every e.mail

Congratulations on your first year! I check your website every day and am always impressed and inspired! Thanks!

big hugs grain edit! this blog is great!
thanks and onward-ho!

colleen |

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I love my grain edit, I look forward to it every day and I love the various avenues it opens up. Thank you and keep up the fantastic work!

Favorite?! Are you kidding? That’s like asking Tom Jones what’s his favorite: blonds, brunettes, or red-heads.

I would love a Hansen’s Poster.

Luis Mercado |

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Hartelijk gefeliciteerd!

That makes one year of nice pics!

you’ve picked a good name for this blog. it sounds awesome in my language. happy birthday and keep encouraging people!

Only just found your site and its truly wonderful- Im sitting at my desk in my full time office job dreaming of a career in my real love- Art and Illustration (with a bit of Jazz singing thrown in for good measure!) and this website has just inspired me to get on with it!
Thank you !!!


Elissa V Evans |

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Dank u allen voor de mooie beelden van uitzonderlijke talenten!

Thanks so much voor all the beautiful work to see at your website!

And as a finishing touch, God created the dutch!

Keep up the good work!

cheese and peace from Holland,


Ps my 3 year old daughter Louie would love to participate for the contest for Vivienne at her bike by Matte Stephens, Louie thinks Matte painted her as she can ride her bike since a week now and also holding on tight to her umbrella, always a necessary accessori in rainy Utrecht unfortunately that’s also the Netherlands.

hil vil succes en alle goeds!

pauline |

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i stumbled upon this site just now and all of this is lovely! i will certainly use a lot of the material and bunch of inspiration for my lectures at the faculty of applied arts in belgrade where i’m assistant to professor at type design courses. great! thanks for all of this and congrats for your 1st b-day!