1960s – 1980s Which? Magazine Covers


Which? magazine offers reviews and advice for various products and services. It looks like it’s a British version of Consumer Reports magazine. In addition, to the cool cover each issue features interesting information graphics and illustrations. Some of the illustrations remind me of the work of Bill Sokol. Anyone know who the art director for the magazine was?

You can check out some of the issues over at the always yummy Delicious Industries.

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man, those are cooool

Gah! I used to work at Which? in the early 90′s, but sadly i don’t know who did these… It’s interesting the blog references how text heavy the magazine articles are. Unlike most magazines Which? has no advertising, so the subscribers pay for every page. (Advertisers make for a huge proportion of magazine profits on newstand titles). When I worked there, we occasionally had readers letters complaining at the size of the lead imagery. They wanted less pictures, and more facts :)

Thanks for the link!

Colin Banks and John Miles (partners in Banks & Miles) were the designers/ typographers on Which magazine between 1964 – 1996. More info here (sadly in Banks’ obituary): http://www.independent.co.uk/news/obituaries/colin-banks-729827.html


Denise did you ever get a chance to meet Colin Banks while you were at which?

Wow Banks and Miles.. very cool! Thanks for posting the mags Judith!

Hello – no, sadly not – by the time I got there it was all very different. Actually Wikipedia has more on Colin Banks too: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colin_Banks

these are so faboo!!!

wow cool work

Nice collection!