Vintage Brazilian map

vintage brazil map

Brasil Mapa Geral – from 1969

I picked this up a couple of years ago and I flipped when I saw this cover. This puts to shame my US Texaco maps. Unfortunately, the map part is missing. All I have is the cover and a few bits of text that were inside. What secrets did that map hold? I bet it was a treasure map that led to a top secret cave filled with barrels of almond milk. Dang, I love that stuff.

Can anyone translate the text on the cover?

Also worth checking:

1960s Brazilian book cover designs by Gian Calvi


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Hello, Dave.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t hold a secret map to an almond-milk-filled cave.

The first one says:
“Brazil – General Map
Touristic and Highway-related Didactic Book”

The other one says:
“Touristic and Highway-related Didactic Maps
The most complete edited in Brazil
Edited by J. Greco Publicity
Sold in the best bookstores and newspaper stands”

I hope not to disappoint you…

Thanks for the great blog!

Nice find! That color scheme is outstanding.

just found you via your house tour on MWTWT…love the case study day bed, and i’m going to attempt to make my own with ian maclean’s hairpin legs because i can’t find an affordable one. here’s a link to one of my favorite poster sites:

thanks so much for the translation!
Oh well, I’m sure that almon milk cave is out there somewhere.

Virgina, thats a great site. Lots of goodies there.

What are you going to use for the main part of the day bed you are creating? Sounds like a fun project!

Hey Dave. These are nice. The top one reminds me of the cover of a Brasil 66 album. All this retro stuff looks surprisingly modern.

Milena are talkign about the Sergio Mendes/ Brasil 66 album?

Yea, you can tell alot of designers are pulling from this era.

probably wood slats, natural birch for visible wood…i think some of the originals used a metal mesh as a mattress support. here is a link to ian’s site for the legs :

this will give away my age, but have you seen the speedball textbook for pen and brush lettering? i bought it when i was 12…

here’s a music (with politics mixed in)link from santa fe (after seeing the sergio mendes mention above):

ps. i’m adding you to my blogroll…

Great Find! If i find one with the original content I´ll post. I guess this is not a hard thing to find here in São Paulo :)

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