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Leah Hennen of the excellent More Ways to Waste Time blog just posted a tour of my house/ studio. You can get a glimpse of the goodies here sans my dirty laundry and unwashed dishes. As you can see, books dominate the house. Any other book nerds out there?

See the full tour here. Stop by and say hello.



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nice digs! now i see where those issues of idea are living…

I’ve slept there! Thanks cuz.

mfshalem |

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Shay!! how you been?
Your always welcome here bro!

ah yes!! Idea mag in the house!

Awesome Dave, very nice, as expected…

Awesome Dave, I need to go visit you guys!

holy moly- nice place! I am very jealous!

Thanks Julia! I still need to get your print framed. Hopefully sometime soon. I love that print.

Thanks Lorena,
yea anytime your in the east bay just send me an email.

Wow, that’s a beautiful home! [Not that I would expect any less.] Thank you so much for sharing!

Love your pad and lovin’ grain edit.

Wow, nice home, Im a book worshipper too!

Great home Dave!!

Looks amazing Dave! I am especially jealous of the deck. And Twig. Hmm, kind of a toss up.

Nope. Definitely Twig.

Wow! So many books :)

You have a cool house, and an even cooler blog! I’ve been visiting now for a couple of weeks and just love seeing what you have to share with us.

Lovely home! I especially love all your artwork!

dave, your house RULES! it looks like an eichler… but its a town house? odd but great! what part of town is that in? me and my wife are thinking about leaving philly in a year or 2 (or 3) and settling in oakland, but have no idea where. we love the mid-century stuff as well and kind of want to get an eichler… but are scared of the suburbs. anyways… great blog! read it daily. i will be out there for the space 1026 show i am in at hamburger eyes in october, come out and ask for clint, i would love to say hi. (i’ll give you a poster too.) maybe this should have been an email… its long. sorry.

I’ve played Scattergories there!

Where are the photos of the saltwater jacuzzi and the walk-in meat freezer?

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hahaha wes, We took the salt water jacuzzi apart as we are planning to replace it with a giant Heron’s nest filled with Honey. It was either that or a glass sculpture of dirty sweatpants.

Hey thanks everyone! glad you like my place. Maybe I should have a giant pajama party! We can bring our sleeping bags and talk about haunted flea markets and modern furniture that has been possessed.

invite me! invite me! i want to sit in that orange chair!
your place is so cooooool

What is that poster in the last photo, with the outline of the head? I really like that one!

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you mean the head with the blue circles inside? Thats a record cover.

Ok, I need to know where you got those simple magazine holders, the white ones with the round cut out. I love books! Me getting envious and all!!

Hi Amrita,
You can get those for super cheap at IKEA.