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arts and architecture magazine

If you haven’t seen this already, the arts and architecture website has an amazing archive of the magazine from 1945-1967 available in PDF format. The issue gallery includes covers designed by Herbert Matter, John Follis and Alvin Lustig. Select covers are available as prints you can purchase.

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53 years of Jauna Gaita magazine

Many thanks to Seth for sending this our way.

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I just had the…pleasure…of looking through every issue of John Entenza’s years at A&A. The covers are truly beautiful (and so much better when you actually see them printed), but god was the inside boring as hell. Excluding a few issues the Eames Office designed, those things are about as stiff as any thing I can think of from that era. Especially sad because Matter and Follis did a lot of the interiors I think…

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I had a magazine circa year 1967. In it’s pages are designs, photos and drawimgs about tropical furniture. Mainly designs for humid tropic beds.
I lost it in fluuding Villahermosa, Tabasco Mexico in october 2007.
I wll apreciate if you find the article and send me.
Thanks in advance.


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