Cuban film posters blog

Cuban film posters blog

El Gran Robo Del Tren De San Trinian – c1968

I recently received an email for this great new blog that focuses on Cuban posters. The site is a wonderful resource for posters produced by ICAIC, OSPAAAL, COR, Casa de las Americas and other cultural, political and social agencies in Cuba.

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Amazing. I’ll be checking this out on the daily.

Oh goody :)
I have myself a tender tooth for the Polish seventies movies posters. It’s interesting how even a very tight political environment can’t muzzle artists creativity.

hey, this is an off topic comment, what happened to the olivetti poster contest??

rafael |

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Hey Rafael,
The contest ended. We announced the winner a few weeks back.

hello – Nice Image

For those interested, there is a Cuban night going off in Hastings on 13th August with an August of original Cuban Film Posters and Artwork. Their website is