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tomorrow partners promotional bookmark

Many thanks to the good people at Tomorrow for stopping by last week, and for the gift of this beautiful bookmark. The bookmark is part of a promotional piece marking their recent contribution to “Trees for the Future“.

tomorrow partners promotional bookmark

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How interesting…
Back in February you show a piece from Hatch (

Now a piece from Tomorrow….

Both agencies are run by the former heads of Templin Brink Design who ended their fantastic partnership on less than friendly terms. Bay Area Design Drama at its best.

Was there a little jealousy at Tomorrow about your coverage of Hatch?
Me thinks so…

Stunning design! What a great way to advertise while also promoting a cause. I think bookmarks are a lost art in terms of both design and in terms of use, so I am glad to see a design like this get a little attention.
I can’t help but notice the custom die cut work: the leaves have cuts, the bookmark has rounded edges, and there are cut outs around the roots and other elements. This is a very well done piece.

What materials were used? Is this a plastic bookmark or a heavy stock paper?

I’ve seen a trend in printing plastic bookmarks like this. The added durability and the “pop” the artwork gets when printed on plastic are just a few reasons for the surge in plastic printing.

Thanks for sharing!

WOW. where can i get my hands on one!