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The Futile Vignette is a design studio run by Mick Marston, out of Sheffield, UK. Mick’s work is a fun combo of contemporary and vintage illustration styles. Lots of rabbits, cats, girls with pig noses, hands holding things, and 2 George Saunders book covers! (Anyone know if those are in print?)

Bonus points for an interesting website, too!

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George Saunders books are in print although ‘In Persuasion Nation’ is a novelette inside ‘The Brief & Frightening Reign of Phil’. Unfortunately I think it has a different cover now & was previously a different cover to mine in the states. I think this is called ‘remarketing’ or something?
Great book though (quite bizarre).

I read ‘The Brief & Frightening Reign of Phil’ a while back, and had the pleasure of reading a story from ‘In Persuasion Nation’ the other day. I’m continually knocked out by Saunders. So absurd and so poignant at the same time. And laugh out loud funny, too. Really amazing work.

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