Quarteto em Cy : Lp cover design

Quarteto em cy record cover design
Quarteto em Cy – Quarteto em Cy (1966), for Elenco

Dynamite record cover for this female vocal group from Brazil. This is a great album. I highly recommend their 1972 Self titled lp as well.

Heres a video of Quarteto em Cy on the Andy Williams show with Marcos Valle. You might recognize the vocals at the beginning of the song. I believe Nicola Conte sampled it.

(via the excellent Loronix)

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That is a gorgeous cover. I’d been curious about this group ever since hearing their version of “Milagre” off a compilation many years ago, but could never track down any additional info. Thanks for the tip!

No prob. If you like girl vocal groups, check “the third wave” on mps. It was an all filipino group out of stockton, ca.

wow. love it