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I love when people send me packages, especially when they contain cool design work. Comic artist and designer Jonathan Bennett recently sent me a fat package of goodies including not one, but TWO Gocco prints! In addition, he included several magazines that feature his cartoons. I enjoyed his work, I just wish he had a website so I could see more.

MOME Winter 2006 features one of Jon’s cartoons. You can pick up a copy at Fantagraphics Books.

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i think you have a type error in the header.

Thanks for the heads up Mat. It should be ok now.

What the crap? Why don’t I get packages.

Amazing work. I really wish he had a website as well. Does he have an email? I would be interested in buying a Gocco print.

You need to work on getting some free goods from Bell & Ross

Just sent you his email address

love the gocco prints… esp the bookshelf. very cool. i’d totally buy one. is he selling them anywhere?

Hi Jamaica,
I’m not sure. I’ll check

Hello, Dave. I know this is over two years old, but I have to comment.
I’m looking for Jonathan Bennett’s e-mail address because I want to get permission for some comics he drew for the Washington Post. I can’t find him anywhere! Not Facebook, Twitter, and he doesn’t have a website.
I’m from a reference publishing company in New York called the H.W. Wilson Company. We’re legit. Google us!
We’re desperate, and the Washington Post doesn’t have his contact information.
Thanks much!

Hey Rich,
I’ll send you an email.

Hi there, me too asking the same question, (sorry!), and I know it’s now Dec 2010, but could I please get Jonathan Bennett’s email address too? I too have been searching up and down the net and can’t find anything. I bought the “Mome Spring/Summer” in 2006 soley for his comic ‘I remember crowning’ in it. And it’s been one of my favourite comics for some reason and I keep going back to it. I desperately need to know what pen he used to ink it and just wanted to ask him in person? I know it sounds trivial, but I need to know for a portrait I’m working on. I’d be really grateful if I could get his email address please?