Otl Aicher design on Flickr

1972 Olympics rowing regulations booklet

Tons of great work in the Otl Aicher design group on Flickr. Includes posters, brochures, books, stamps, packaging, corporate reports, even a wooden version of Waldi the 1972 Munich Olympics mascot. Projects include the 1972 Olympics identity, Lufthansa and work from his days at HFG Ulm.

Clean, minimal, modern.. I love it. I could look at this stuff all day.
Many thanks to Adam for passing this link along.

Side note – got some cornbread today. Man I love this stuff. Is it even bread? Its like muffin cake.

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So much classic material here! I never knew who designed all those Olympic icons. Those are so fresh. I’m gonna be checking for this guy’s work all the time now. Thanks for posting this!

Yea, Otl Aicher’s work is great.
You should check his stuff for Lufthansa as well.

I’m a big fan of his work. I’ve been after one of his A0 maps of the Olympic venue’s that were put up around the sites, but unfortunately his work has started to reach crazy prices on ebay etc.