Finnish graphic design : annual report

finnish graphic design corporate annual report

1961 Neste Oy Corporate annual report designed by Olli Stelander. Great use of limited color.  This was when drilling for oil was hip, the indie rock (Get your shale on!)  of the energy industries. This annual probably doubled as their tour poster.

For more design work from Finland check my post on Finnish book design.

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what’s the deal with Scandinavians and great, clean design??

Frater Gymnos |

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Don’t suppose there’s any chance of seeing inside that anywhere?

Would love to see how the design is mirrored in the copy!

Simon Aronson

Hey Simon,
Unfortunately I don’t have a copy of the annual report. I just have a book that highlights the cover. I’d love to see the inside as well.

The cover looks great, but I’m afraid the inside might be less impressive.
The modernist influence in Finland seldom reached the fields of typography and layout