Damien Gautier

Damien Gautier


Bureau 205 is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Villeurbanne, France. Founded in 2010 by Damien Gautier, the studio provides comprehensive design solutions with a special focus in type design and type-driven work.


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Veronica Grech

Veronica Grech

After years of working in the field of education, Veronica Grech decided to pursue her true calling, illustration.  Inspired by her love for folk art and the age of exploration, she creates whimsical works brimming with color and life.


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Bogdan Kociuba

MMA posters by Bogdan Kociuba

For fans of the MMA, Bogdan Kociuba’s portfolio is worth taking a look at. He has created a series of posters that pay tribute the league’s most notorious fighters. See the posters in all their glory here.


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Sponsor // Digit

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Dadu Shin

Dadu Shin on grainedit.com

Lovely fashion illustrations from Dadu Shin, an illustrator living and working in New York.


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Sponsor // Jotform

jot form

Jotform is an online service that allows you to easily create and host forms for a variety of applications. Working with Jotform’s form builder you can conceive and construct forms for registration purposes, applications, surveys and more. However, until recently you were limited in design options. All that has changed with Jotform’s latest update, which allows you complete control over  the look and feel of your forms. Easily manipulate the colors, fonts and layout without knowing a single line of code.

To complement the release of the enhanced form builder Jotform has also launched a new theme marketplace. This should be of special interest to designers looking to showcase and sell their work. From now until June 15th, 2015  Jotform is waiving their fees so designers will earn one hundred percent of their theme sales. After the 15th, Jotform will retain 30%. To submit a theme, click the “new theme” button in the upper right corner of the My Themes page.


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Alex Wollner: Brasil Design Visual

Alex Wollner - brasil design visual

The last and final addition to our Design Book Gift Guide is alex wollner: brasil design visual. You can see images and a brief summary in our holiday wish list.

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Graphic Designer - Hybrid Design (San Francisco, CA)
Faculty Position for the Illustration Practice MFA program - MICA (Baltimore, MD)

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Grosz Co. Lab

Groszo Co lab

Victoria -based Grosz Co. Lab has created a flexible identity system for the newly renamed Ascui & Co. Architects. As mentioned on the Grosz Co.website, they “developed a morphing visual language sequence along with a suite of ever changing ‘temperatures’ to encourage an on-going evolution of the brand through the client’s own creative contribution and experimentation”.


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