Design by Rifle



Stunning work from Rifle, a small but nimble design studio based in Madrid.




Aron Vellekoop Leon

Aron Vellekoop Leon on grainedit.com


I’m really enjoying Aron Vellekoop Leon’s work. His portfolio is filled with projects that showcase his uncanny ability to distill complex concepts into clear and visually compelling stories. A native of  Fuerteventura, Spain, he now calls Amsterdam his home.






George & Harrison

George & Harrison on grainedit.com

George & Harrison is a multidisciplinary design studio based in the Netherlands. Founded by Martijn Maas (George) and Maarten Stal (Harrison), the duo pair smart strategy with thoughtful execution to create work that stands at the vanguard of contemporary design.




Marcel Hausler

Marcel Hausler on grainedit.com

 Marcel Hausler is a designer living and working in Hamburg, Germany.  A recent graduate of  the Fachhochschule Mainz, he has worked for well known museums including the Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin and the Gutenberg-Museum Mainz.



Jeremiah Britton

Jeremiah Britton on grainedit.com

Jeremiah Britton’s website recently caught my eye. With a diverse portfolio that spans branding, illustration and type, he easily transitions between fluid line work to projects with a more structured framework. An Oregonian by birth, he now calls Brooklyn his home where he can be found honing his chops at WeWork.



Stefano Marra

Stefano Marra on grainedit.com

Stefano Marra is a versatile designer hailing from the southern part of Italy. His portfolio is filled with examples of work that highlight his ability to use texture and shading to successfully achieve a variety of effects. These skills have not gone unnoticed and have landed him editorial commissions from a variety of publications including Il Sore 24 Ore, Wired UK, and Datum.




Francesco Muzzi

Francesco Muzzi on grainedit.com


Brilliant work from Italian designer and illustrator Francesco Muzzi.



Stanley Chow

The folks over at Daylight, an award-winning moving image company based in Manchester have been working on a series of interviews with local creatives. In their 2nd installment they grant us a rare glimpse into the process, history and inspiration of illustrator Stanley Chow.



EIGA Design

EIGA Design on grainedit.com

Beautiful work from EIGA, a multidisciplinary design studio based in Hamburg, Germany.



Caitlin Keegan

Caitlin Keegan on grainedit.com


Caitlin Keegan recently updated her website with some some stellar new projects including this 2015 lunar calendar. In addition’s to her hand-drawn typography, the calendar features vegetable-based inks, space to write important dates and a charming moon illustrated in Caitlin’s signature style.