Inca Pan

Inca Pan via

Inca Pan is a Taiwanese illustrator with a knack for creating powerful imagery. Working with gouache and ink he conjures fantastical landscapes filled with bold colors and lush vegetation.



John Soat

John Soat via

John Soat is a skilled multidiscplinary designer and recent transplant to New York City. With a diverse portfolio that spans illustration, type and motion graphics he easily transitions between fluid line work to projects with a more structured framework.


Ben Roth

Ben Roth via

Ben Roth is a Berlin-based art director and illustrator. With a focus on music related imagery, he has successfully crafted a dynamic portfolio while operating within a minimal framework.



Janine Rewell for Minna Parikka

Janine Rewell via

Grain Edit fave Janine Rewell recently updated her portfolio with these outstanding ads for Minna Parikka. With bodypaint work by  Saara Sarvas & Riina Laine,  Janine’s designs come to life in a celebration of Minna Parikka’s spring line.


Timo Meyer

Timo Meyer via

Solid and consistent work from Timo Meyer, a designer and illustrator based in Bonn, Germany.


Jessica Svendsen

Jessica Svendsen via

Outstanding type work from Jessica Svendsen, a recent graduate of the Yale School Art now working for Pentagram.



Josh Emrich

Josh Emrich via

Josh Emrich is an illustrator and designer based out of Colorado. A former principal at Tenfold, in 2013 he broke off to form his own studio focused on branding and packaging design for craft brewers and artisanal entrepreneurs. His portfolio is filled with outstanding work, but i’m especially fond of his packaging design for Grimm Brothers Brewhouse. Through a series of labels he seamlessly merges slick illustrations, compelling typography and strong visual storytelling. Think Mary Blair with a twist of German macabre.



Designbolaget via

Designbolaget is a Copenhagen based design studio working at the intersections of art, fashion and culture. Founded in 2002 by Claus Due, the studio has been recognized with numerous awards.


Til Hafenbrak

Till Hafenbrak via

Bold and playful work from Till Hafenbrak, an illustrator living and working in Berlin.




Chevalvert via

Chevalvert is a visual design studio co-founded by Patrick Paleta and Stéphane Buellet in 2007. Based on an open and multidisciplinary approach to design, the studio conceives work that is smart and succinct.