MVM — Magnus Voll Mathiasson

Magnus Voll Mathiasson

Magnus Voll Mathiasson is a co-founder of Norwegian powerhouse design firm Grandpeople. His personal work, however is equally as powerful and intelligent. MVM’s illustrative designs hold warm bodies of smooth color, crispy textures, and a rich sense of volume. Although initially appearing heavy on abstraction, Magnus claims that his focus is on research driven work, and that “A strong conceptual foundation is important to secure strong aesthetics.” I’ve included details from some of his recent projects.


Heath Killen

Heath Killen

Australian designer Heath Killen creates “visual communication with purpose & poetry.” You may be familiar with some of his work from his multitude of experimental redesigns of movie posters. Heath creates stunning and vibrant compilations of color, shape, and emotion, to give expressive imagery to works of jazz, theater, film, and more. Heath appears to be one of those designers who never stops experimenting, which seems to have resulted in a rather unrecognizable lack of separation between personal and client work.

Wim Crouwel: A Graphic Odyssey

wim crouwel

If you’re unable to visit the Wim Crouwel retrospective at London’s Design Museum, you can still pick up the exhibition catalog. Designed and published by Unit Editions the catalog contains Crouwel’s posters, documents, manuals – even his stamps and personal photographs -  presented in the raw, bare-concrete setting of the Crouwel archive. Also included is an interview with Wim conducted by Tony Brook, the exhibition’s curator and the book’s co-editor.

Available now at Unit Editions.


Network Osaka

network osaka

Network Osaka is a wittingly self-proclaimed “artist pretending to be a designer” (I’m too used to seeing it backwards). With the presentation, style, and workload of a full-on design studio, he creates strikingly bold and intimidatingly intelligent, yet beautifully simplistic imagery. What I really love most about Derek’s work, however, is that he has a great sense of when and how to use heavy, solid bodies of color. Some of my favorite graphics are from 26 piece alphabet card set with Artist As Citizen; “Extinct”. Derek Kim, as he also is known as, is a Parsons graduate with a BFA in communication, carrying a respectable client list which holds such names as Wieden+Kennedy, Nike, Esquire, and YWFT.


Hvass & Hannibal

Hvass&Hannibal, contemporary, illustration

Hvass & Hannibal is a Copenhagen based multi-disciplinary arts and design studio founded by Nan Na Hvass and Sofie Hannibal. Their work is highly imaginative as it creates alternate environments featuring multitudes of patterns paired with geometric shapes, colorful forms and enchanting creatures. Not only does the dynamic duo create illustrations and graphics, but they also immerse themselves in a spectrum of mediums ranging from three-dimensional work ranging from interior and set design to intricate artworks made up of various materials such as painted wood.

Greg Pizzoli: Illustration

greg pizzoli, illustration, philadelphia, usa
Take a look at that honkin’ apple! Philadelphia based illustrator Greg Pizzoli creates a fun whimsical environment in this illustration as he plays with the proportion of the massive textured fruit and the teeny tiny cars. There are so many neat colorful details to look at, such as the airplanes in the sky, buttons on the apple, and the varied shapes of buildings on the land.


Vintage Citroen Ephemera

vintage citroen

I love these Citroen pamphlets that Francois-Charles of iconomaque discovered while sorting through his father’s studio. The material was produced by his father while he was working as a designer at the French creative agency, Delpire, during the 1960s. More images after the jump.


New Prints by Jessica Hische!

jessica hische, daily drop cap, letters, letterpress, prints

Attention all type fans: Brooklyn based designer and Grain Edit favorite, Jessica Hische has some new prints for sale at her shop! Taken from the first six sets of the Daily Drop Cap project, these individual letterpress prints display the various lettering styles we’ve come to love.


Clayton Junior: Illustration

London based illustrator, Clayton Junior, has a keen eye for precision as shown here in this image from the “A View From London” exhibition at the London Transportation Museum. Here, he depicts the hustle bustle of the city in a delightful way by cohesively weaving the intricate details of buildings and people with an eye-catching color palette. If I had my choice, I’d want to be one of the kids on the scooter instead of the commuter with the briefcase.


Shaun Lind

Shaun Lind / Grain Edit

Fun work and a new site from Shaun Lind, a designer, illustrator, Austin-living person, man, and member of the esteemed design/creative collective Public School. There’s a nice balance between the fun and the useful in Shaun’s work. For example, I love amount and quality of identity alongside his interesting self-initiated projects.