Cory Say

cory say

Cory Say is a typography designer, currently working out of Dallas, Texas as an art director for TracyLocke, a national design and marketing agency.

Cory’s most recent project for the Cattle Baron’s Ball showcases his gift for both branding and hand lettering, with his passion for typography coming across clearly in his work. His unique ability to create an intricate, multi-faceted design while not going over the top is also noteworthy.

cory say

cory say

In a solo project, Cory creates a hand lettered poster (for sale in his online shop) to display one of his favorite Bible verses. His two passions, the Church and typography, come together to create a beautiful, personal design.

cory say

Keep an eye out for Cory’s work on Behance and CargoCollective.


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WOW! I fall in love with those Fonts and logos! Thank you for share.

Just finished a project with him; went really well and awesome to work with!

Robyn |

Found design |

Thanks so much for posting my work one of my favorite sites. Truly an honor and thanks for the kind words from Emily and Robyn ( It was awesome to with you as we’ll). I wanted to clarify however, I live in Garland, TX and work at TracyLocke in downtown Dallas.

Thanks again Grain Edit, I love the inspiration and consistent great work you show and consider it a huge honor to be included here!