Pets Rock Posters

pets rock
Eight Hour Day

Design strategy and marketing agency Zeus Jones was recently hired to bring a fresh perspective to Purina ONE BeyOnd’s sponsorship of the Pitchfork Music festival. For this year’s event they came up with the idea of giving away professionally-designed posters that celebrate the awesomeness of pets and music. Zeus Jones sought out some of their favorite designers and had them imagine what “Pets Rock” meant to them. Check out the following from grain edit faves – Lab Partners, Brent Couchman, Tad Carpenter and Eight Hour Day.

pets rock
Brent Couchman

pets rock
Lab Partners

pets rock
Tad Carpenter

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im digging all these character designs love the warm tones, thanks grainedit keep on digging for the good stuff!

theyield |

Found design |

+1 for Purina!

The posters are all so different – I liked that!
What a cool idea for a company so big to get involved
in a contemporary theme.

Oh, love Grain Edit. Maybe there will be a giveaway
of a poster??

Truly, Marjorie

Marjorie Jumisco |

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What a killer line-up of illustrators! Great work everyone!

These are so much fun! I would definitely hang these up on my wall. I really love the first one with the white dogs and the brass instruments, maybe because it’s not as cartoonish as the rest. It could actually pass for a piece of fine art or a poster from the past that was recently uncovered.

HELP! The poster (first one above of dogs) I was given at the Pitchfork Fest on Sunday, July 15, after my donation – smells horrible! Anyone know about this? I thought maybe because they’re new, or kind of ink but it hasn’t gone away! Please, how could I get another? And if possible the Cats singing, drinking milk? I was working in VIP so couldn’t get back to tent, but didn’t notice fowl smell until I got it home!
Thank you,

Kathryn Kinder |

Found design |

nice ^_^

this is my blog

Fabulous design!! Hope I can apply that artistic idea on my website. Can you post more design so that I can learn a lot on how to combining colors in different design? Love it!! Thank you!