WTHR App Inspired by Dieter Rams

wthr app

David Elenga has created a simple yet elegant weather app called WTHR which is inspired by Dieter Rams’ Ten Principles of Design. At the top of the screen the current weather condition is displayed along with the temperature for your area. Just below is a 7-day forecast and a nifty switch which allows you to select between Fahrenheit or Celsius. Unfortunately version 1.0 has some bugs and usability issues which should hopefully be resolved soon. I would hold off on downloading the app until the release of version 1.1 which is slated for sometime next week.

wthr app

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I downloaded the weather app, but it’ not working ar all. What happened?
Gr Rettie

It’s pretty ironic that this app is getting featured everywhere for its great, inspired design but it has usability issues. Considering people have issues using it I would say it’s hardly useful or understandable.

Sorry to be a curmudgeon but it seems to me that this app’s design has a DR inspired aesthetic but is surely not a successful manifestation of the 10 principles.

Dave |

Found design |

Even if this app doesn’t really work, I still love the graphics! It’s really clean and simple, I wish it was as useful as it is cool :/. Oh well, thanks for the post, we love to post things like this on our blog.
If you have time, check it out…http://alfalfastudio.com/studio-culture/blog/

I downloaded it today and did not experience any usability issues as far as I can tell. It isn’t a terribly complex app, so I have trouble seeing where the problems were occurring. Still, I now have two of these beautifully-designed insanely simple one-screen weather apps and I still rarely use them… I’m wondering who designed the weather icons first though, Weather Neue or WTHR? They are identical. Or did they come from the Noun Project in both cases and there’s a different author altogether?