Poster Pick: Landland


Dan Black is one-half of the Minneapolis-based design duo Landland. Besides his love of design, he has a real fondness for brown shirts and referring to himself in the third-person. With muted tones, his atmospheric landscapes often evoke a sense of nostalgia. This is evident in his work for The Hold Steady, which also happens to be this week’s poster pick.


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Oops! Landland is from Minneapolis. Their studio is right down the hall from ours. Love these guys!

Mike Davis |

Poster Picks |

Thanks guys! What a cool surprise! I was wondering why so many people were subscribing to our mailing list today…

Whoops! Thanks for the heads up Mike!

Great work Dan!

Nice picture ,

I really love it.

The poster is very simple yet I find it fascinating. The colors used are perfectly chosen. You can look at this photo for a very long time without hurting your eyes.

This is a really good site for some graphic design ideas. I really like what you have done here and think that you really have a good touch to what you do.