The work of McBess has been a source of illustrated inspiration for many new artists over the course of his half-decade-long career. A signature part of style that sets him apart with his natural ability to bring out shadows and highlights predominantly using thin tipped felt pens, a very big feat when working monochromatically. I love the use of lettering to give his illustrations more context, and the flowing, style gives another layer to already unique and intricate pieces.


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Thanks for sharing this really inspirational set of illustrations. The style of McBess really reminds me of those very early World War era cartoons and animations. There is also a surrealist feel to his illustrations that I think is accentuated by the use of black and white tones.

Nice Blog… Keep it up ~~~

Superb typo artwork, good work! Thanks so much for inspiring us.

Love this work! thanks for sharing ! :)

I must say those works are very inspired. The 25 is doubtless my favorite.

“Keep trying, Keep fighting”..Love it.