Andrew Vastagh

andrew vastagh

Andrew Vastagh is a Nashville based designer who is quite active in the gig poster scene. Over the last five years he’s created work for many well-known bands including the likes of She & Him, Vampire Weekend, Social Distortion and Band of Horses.

For this week’s poster pick we’ve selected Andrew’s design for the 2010 Menomena show at the Mercy Lounge. It features a two colored ribbon spiraling downward to form a cyclinder-esque shape. The combination of the ribbon’s wave-like movement and the transparency seen in the color overlay creates for a mesmerizing and memorable pattern. If you’re a fan of Menomena, ribbons, Andrew Vastagh or all of the above you can pick this piece up at the Poster Cabaret.

andrew vastagh

andrew vastagh


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Go Andy! Good designer and good guy.

Andy is legit! Love that guy.

Lookin good Andy. Great posters as usual Mr. Vastagh!

Responsible for printing several of my posters– yeah BOSS!

Very cool, repetitive patterns, defined color palette and straight forward illustration with a playful edge.

very impressive, thanks Grain Edit for having such a great taste in design

Jeff graham |

Poster Picks |

These posters by Andrew Vastagh have a very simple appearance but standout as a result. There’s also a strong photocopy styling to his work that really works well with the kinds of grungy gig posters he has produced. His recent Queens of the Stone Age poster is a great example of this.

Andy is legit! Love that guy.

TN represent!

Great posters! I’m always looking for inspiration for my work and these posters have given me some good ideas.

I love the fact these poster designs aren’t obvious for their genre.

Great stuff, Andy! So much talent back home in Nashville.