Made by Radio, Capetown

Made by Radio, Capetown

I’m a sucker for maps and all things travel related, so it’s no wonder that these postcards by Cape Town’s Radio are so appealing. Each postcard features a map of one of the nine provinces in South Africa, and is chock full of buildings, landmarks, animals, and agriculture representative of each region. Currently a work in progress, the completion of this postcard series will provide a most excellent pictorial view of the entire country.

Made by Radio, Capetown

Made by Radio, Capetown

Made by Radio, Capetown

In addition to illustrating such thoughtfully designed maps, Radio also boasts some other fine illustrations such as the self initiated series of posters promoting season 5 of AMC’s Mad Men. Each one successfully highlights the past times that devour the ladies and gents we love to watch. Intrigued? Check out Radio’s website to see more work.

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Those maps are more than a bit of a rip of Lotta Nieminen’s work

I agree with Jessica… These are too much like Lotta Nieminen’s work.

@jessicahische im not sure you can claim “rip-off” to be honest.

Nice work – nowhere near a rip off…very odd.

Similar, yes. Rip, no.
Anyhow, the point is the work, which is very well done.

Must say that this comments are very uncalled for. Sure there are similarities, no rip here. I do respect your work and general opinion Jessica, but never thought you were one of ‘those’.

I definitely hope folks don’t consider me “one of those” and I tend to save my opinions like this for when I feel quite strongly. I’ve probably only ever called out 2 or 3 designers got working a little too close to their inspirations. These guys are obviously incredibly talented, and I look forward to seeing more of their work especially once they really find their voice. They’ll dominate the Internet.

Jessica Hische |

Found design Illustration |

I love the isometric grid in the Mad Men pieces, and the tone of this work in general.

I bet Radio were pleased to be featured here, only to see most of the comments focusing on one person’s unfounded need to “call out” someone. I know this is how the internet works, but it’s still a downer.

Nice work, Radio. Looking forward to seeing more.

Yeah, not seeing the ‘full’ ripoff… Definite similarities, but nothing lazy. Great pieces.

Shame the first comment on this lovely work was a negative over-reaction. Maps+Ribbons != any one person. This is lovely stuff!

Jessica ‘people’ don’t just label others as ‘one of those’ – one places oneself in that space once you call out on stuff opening the road for the ‘people’ then to label according to experiences. I agree with Arthur that the internet works that way and creates the platform for comments (build or break) that defines yourself.

Back on the subject, great work Radio.

Hopefully this will shed a little more light onto why I chose to comment in the first place:

While I think it’s great that you guys are here to help keep the conversation going (often times when people post a negative comment it starts an anonymous feeding frenzy rather than a respectful discussion), I don’t think it is wrong to voice your opinion as long as you are willing to stand up for it and not do so anonymously. If the internet was all free love and hand-claps, there would be no one in place to keep us in check. I’ve appreciated in the past when commenters have noticed that some of my stuff accidentally made its way over into someone else’s stylistic realm, and I think that this kind of feedback has helped me grow as an artist and find my own style and kept me from stepping on other people’s toes.

Often times when you are a young designer, you pick up inspiration unconsciously and accidentally bring it into your work. We could start the whole “nothing is original” argument here, but when the person who is being referenced (accidentally or purposefully) is a young working artist that is trying hard to build his or her own career, it is a different story than referencing the history books too closely.

I’ve exchanged a few very cordial emails back and forth with Radio and they were receptive to hearing my opinion. I approached this post a bit more defensively than I normally would because I had seen their work before and thought a couple of the pieces referenced ilovedust’s style too closely (an opinion that I kept to myself because everyone is forgiven a little style referencing). When I saw the maps that were close to Lotta’s, I was afraid they were working their way through a few artists styles and decided to speak up. In our exchange, Radio clarified though that they used to in fact work for ilovedust (which is not mentioned on their website, so I wouldn’t have known).

I think Radio is incredibly talented. I think you commenters are awesome for coming to their defense, but hope that you don’t universally discourage honest feedback that happens to veer negative. While I don’t do this often, if I do in the future I’ll be sure to pad my honest comment with enough sunshine and rainbows that people don’t mistake honesty for malice.