2011: Living in the Future

Geoffrey Hoyle

2011: Living in the Future was originally published in 1972, but has now been brought back to print upon realization of the book’s accuracy, inaccuracy, and irony. Geoffrey Hoyle, a science fiction author, future visionary, and product of his astronomer father, wrote the original text, predicting such glorious technologies as “vision desks,” “vision phones,” and personal automated breakfast factories. There is also talk of people only working 3 days a week, with a traffic-free commute. Playfully illustrated with wonderful projections of our modern-day utopia by Alasdair Anderson, this quick read would be great for both the coffee table and story time with the kids, so they can think about what those crazy people in the 70s were like.

Geoffrey Hoyle

Geoffrey Hoyle

Geoffrey Hoyle

Geoffrey Hoyle

Grab it from Laughing Elephant Books or Amazon.

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this seems to be an updated version of 2010: Living in the future which was discussed here in 2010: http://2010book.tumblr.com/

This is so cool. Reminds me of my favorite book as a kid: The Umbrella People. Know it? Would love to get a copy again. Very pyschedelic and Yellow-Submarine-ish.

Having been brought up in a bathyscope, I can say it’s always going to be difficult to find furniture to fit around the walls of those circular rooms…

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I’m not sure what this says about Geoffrey Hoyle fans:

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Interesting re-release. I still have two surviving copies of this book from when i was child.