Modern Grafitti by CT

ct graffiti

Italian artist, CT, serves up a fresh twist on “modern” graffiti. It’s interesting to note that CT is from Torino, a town with a rich history in lettering. Societa Nebiolo, a type foundry known for its influential typefaces by their star designer, Aldo Novarese, was located here for many years.

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ct graffiti

ct modern graffiti

ct graffiti

ct graffiti

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Also for your viewing pleasure: Recta typeface by Aldo Novarese

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Within the context of graffiti, these forms are certainly interesting, but their purpose (to advertise the writer him/herself) isn’t anything new or exciting.

Not a huge fan of graffiti. This is quite pretty and I particularly love he’s choice of colors.

Unbelievable! I’m from turin too , I love graffiti and a follow some of my favorite (blu for ex.) and I never heard about CT!!!! thanks :)

Did you know about these little city called Grottaglie in the south? Here you can see what I mean


Amazing colours. Would love to see more like this in Dublin.

thanks for the article! ;)

CT>> simply the best! grafffik-tti-alent- ;)

Good stuff. Reminds me of Frank Stella.

Luis |

Found design |

Dont bring high art and design into graffiti.. Maybe I dont even have to mention it, because eventually the person doing this will get bored and do something else like a work at an ad agency.

Are we going to gentrify grafitti now because the fine art world has run out of ideas?

xpez2000 |

Found design |


Be a bit more open minded, its good to merge two different art forms together!

And the art world will never run out of ideas!!