Les Choux de Creteil by Gerard Grandval

les choux de creteil

Cité des Choux/ Photo by Kristo

Browsing the web earlier today I stumbled upon these stunning structures designed by Gerard Grandval. Les Choux de Creteil (aka the cabbages) is a residential development located in Creteil, a commune in the southeastern suburbs of Paris, France.  The complex which consists of ten towers (each fifteen stories high) was built in the early 70s as an experimental approach to public housing needs.  The petal shaped balconies, which give the buildings their unique appearance, were designed to allow privacy for the occupants. The architect originally envisioned plants to suspend from the balconies. However the idea was shut down by the developers concerned with keeping the buildings insect-free.

gerard grandval

Photo by James Burns

les choux de creteil

Photo by James Burns

Cite des Choux

image via Architectures de Cartes Postales

les choux de creteil

image via Architectures de Cartes Postales

choux creteil

Photo by Victor Hsu

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those balconies would be really interesting with plants cascading down them, but i really like them bare as well. that way you really get to see the architecture. i also really like how the balconies have some privacy. i hate feeling like i’m on display when i’m trying to enjoy a bit of the outdoors!

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