Trey Anastasio Concert Poster

micah smith

Trey Anastasio & Classic Tab at the House of Blues | 18″ x 24″ Print

For this week’s poster pick A. Micah Smith (@amicahsmith for the twitter peeps) serves up a slice of 80s retro-ness. Forget the 1980s, he’s taking back to the 1780s. The illustration features a character with all the proper colonial trimmings marinated in a tasty tan background glaze. If it catches your fancy, you can pick up a copy right here.


Also available for your viewing pleasure: A Micah Smith/ My Associate Cornelius

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Why is it that the majority of illustrators today look the same? On this site alone you can see that 4 of the featured artist look very similar. And now Trey Anastasio looks like S. Britt, Sasha Barr, and Gomez and Stiles. We as artist should be challenging the status quo.

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I love this poster! The limited color palette, economy of form, and course textures make for a very sophisticated illustration that is perfect for screen printing. Keep up the great work Micah!

Great poster by a great pal! Good stuff Micah!

Micah’s characters are fantastic! And of course the color is spot on as usual. Nice work