Iv Orlov

iv orlov, illustration, russia

Summer is here, and tis’ the season for road trips! This illustration, created by Russian illustrator Iv Orlov, depicts some folks out for an evening drive along a line of colorful trees. Entitled “Night Rio,” this piece uses combines cool blues and greens with bright corals and yellows for a nice tropical feeling. Orlov uses some great shapes throughout this piece, evident in the various cars and leaves of the trees.

Orlov has a great collection of work that employs a lot of geometric shapes and fine textures. To see more of his work, check out his Flickr and his Behance.

iv orlov, illustration, russia

iv orlov, illustration, russia

iv orlov, illustration, russia

iv orlov, illustration, russia

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what a great artist! i love his work!

amazing work!

Love it!

Hey…thats really great! I’m impressed with these designs!!

That’s quite gorgeous. The geometry is a little too heavy for me sometimes, but I love his color choices, particularly on the first two pieces.

One of my favorites! Thanks for featuring him!


Great usage of shape forms and color. Lovely work!

It’s geometric, but uses some pretty interesting and unexpected shapes. The same with the excellent color palette(s). Fresh work.

this is really great!