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grain edit / allan peters

And then, all of sudden, a new tricycle was born!

So it goes in this fun, whimsical 2-color print by Allan Peters, a Minneapolis based art director. Allan’s print work is bold and engaging, with a strong emphasis on identity and typography. I feel that his work is elevated through the attention to detail and unique typographic choices.

And the pickle on a stick (shown below) is just plain fun.

grain edit / allan peters

grain edit / allan peters

grain edit / allan peters

grain edit / allan peters

grain edit / allan peters

grain edit / allan peters

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I really like the pickle too! The work with type is of unusually high quality for an all-round graphic designer. That’s very impressive as well.

i love the print of the bikes…if me and my hubby ever have a baby i would need to get this print framed in the little ones room…

I’ve had a bunch of emails asking where to buy prints so I figured that this would be a good place to let you all know: I’ll be posting up an etsy site with the the bike print and a roller girls print in the next two weeks. I’ll make a post about it when it’s up from my blog:
Thanks for the post! I love this blog.

Allan is way talented.. glad to see him get some deserved love!

Congrats Allan! Love your work!

Thanks for the heads up on those prints, Allan!

Ethan |

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As a fellow Minnesotan, the prints are delicious, and makes me unable to wait to eat at the fair… :)

I love the state fair posters…are those available anywhere?

Emily |

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This my favorite post in some time! The bicycle poster is just plain cute and funny. And the logos are brilliantly beautiful. I am presently doing quick logo designs on my daily design blog and the attention to detail in these is very inspiring. I hope they will influence my work in the coming days and weeks. Thanks for posting very enjoyable!

Here is a link to my daily design site if anyone is interested,


from this angle the tricycle looks rather like a penny-farthing. very cute!

nanashi |

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Really like the tricycle print, such a great, unique style!!
Thanks for sharing.

Great inspirations… Thanks for sharing.

check out his work in this video featured in ArtCrank

Ian Roberts |

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Pickle on a stick! Oh please! ; )

I love the embossed logos, add a touch of class to the brand

love the picture of the bikes, its totally retro, simple, cool and tells you something without words. keep up the great work!! :)

I really love a clever design, that whimsical bicycle poster is just great. The use of the venn diagram idea to sum the thoughts of these mechanical beings is just beautiful. It’s things like this that remind me that great designs can do so much with so little.

The Peters family embossed design is superb as well, I must finalise an official stamp for my progeny.