Davone Ray Speakers

davone ray speakers

If you have $6000 just laying around you can pick yourself up a pair of these Davone Ray speakers. While your at it, pick me up a pair too (Hey, with $6000 on hand, you’re probably not worried about your cash flow). I have to admit, i’m a sucker for anything with a walnut veneer and this thing looks like an Eames chair with a woofer stuffed inside. I don’t know much about the high end audio market, but I hope for $6000 you’re getting more than something pretty to look at.

(via Herman Miller / via Unplggd / via Boing Boing)


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That is the worst grammar I’ve seen in a blog post all day. You guys should think about either using a spell checker or at least getting someone who has more than grade 6 English to write them.

Wayne |

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LOL Wayne. You don’t know what YOUR talking about. Do you GOT issues with poor grammar?

If I were YOUR english teacher, I would be seriously disappointed right now. I expect more from this blog.

Kate |

Found design |

Hey everyone, sorry for the poor grammar. It was a late night post.

Man, I wish I could at least hear these speakers.

The grammar in the article isn’t horrible, but it’s not correct either. However, Aaron, if you’re going to criticize someone for grammar, I suggest you check your own.

Seriously. Give the guy a break. Everyone can make mistakes now and then.
On topic: I really like the design of the speakers. I understand where all the talk of a Danish design wonder comes from when I see this.

Pity I don’t have that much money lying around. I like the design of these!


This is a great blog. The fact that there may be grammar errors from time to time doesn’t necessitate inane criticism.

Oh, and by the way, this blog is about design, not grammar.

Kevin |

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how embarrassing.

Kennedy LaCroix |

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