Matthias Heiderich: Photos of Berlin and Beyond

matthias heiderich

I’m absolutely in love with these photos by Berlin based photographer Matthias Heiderich.

matthias heiderich

matthias heiderich

matthias heiderich

House located on Rugen Island in the Baltic Sea

matthias heiderich

(via Nerdski + Iso50)


Also worth checking: Mark Shaw Photography

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Oh wow! Beautiful colours

Holy crap these are great. Just visited her site and there are so many more great ones… Thanks!

oh! really, really nice!!!!!


I don’t often comment but visit almost daily. Grain Edit is such a great source of inspiration. These photos are great and I love all the other stuff at the website.
I am promoting my 365 design project so want to invite everyone interested to swing by for a look and give me feedback.
Thanks again and keep up the good work!

This guy has an amazing eye. And it probably doesn’t hurt that he has such interesting locations either.

o, really nice!

That house on Rugen Island looks fun.

These are really beautifully composed images. The apartment complex in particular really caught my eye. That had wonderful colors. Thank you so much for sharing.

The images are really great although its very obvious that it was edited. The outcome of the image is not really bad. Its nice!


Todd |

Found design |

Great pictures.
And, in my opinion, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with pictures that are edited; it’s part of the process of making an image, just as editing is part of the process of making prose.

very nice picts, really lovely!
“House located on Rugen Island in the Baltic Sea” is my favorite