Draplin BP Logo Redesign

draplin bp logo

Draplin takes on the BP (British Petroleum) logo with some quick redesigns.

I can’t watch the news now. I’m in shock every time I see footage of the Gulf. When is BP going to contain this mess?

draplin bp logo


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Amazing. Horrifying.

Also worth checking out: http://www.buamai.com/image/33081

As always, great stuff by Draplin…scary stuff by BP. They should just plug the hole already!

Ahahahaha, I love the peeling sticker on the top. The last one with the leak is cool as well.

Draplin flew across the country to attend an antique show! Dude’s got the carbon footprint of a goddamned Yeti. We drill in the Gulf to keep people like Aaron on the road and in the air all year long.

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“They should just plug the hole already!”

Easy for you and everyone that doesn’t actually have to do it to say.

there has been a lot of this going around, i like this best, will include them in my friday’s spill.

@vanderleun Of course, easier said than done. What do you have to say about the hole?

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I do enjoy the redesign, but really? What about them taking care of the oil spill? They should do that first. Kind of a big priority

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this is great design. I do thing they should take responsibity to stop the oil spilling.

good question. Tomorrow marks the 50th day that the oil spill started. FIFTY DAY! so so so sad and so so so infuriating.

Not angry or anything and in a way I knew I may not be the first or last to do this one but I did a t-shirt design very similar to this a few weeks ago


Please have a scan of the rest of my stuff!

British Petroleum
Done May 1st, 2010 for editorial & poster design.
©2010 – Greg Epkes – epkes.com

Thousands gone, many still suffering, no help or restitution, it’s so sad. Oh, thousands of people I mean (not types of wildlife or tourist industry profits) and it’s Bhopal I’m talking about (though nobody else seems to be).

So, just out of interest, will Draplin be redesigning the Union Carbide logo TWENTY SIX years on…

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This is the second post I’ve seen with BP redesigned logos.