Aaron Draplin: Design Work and Motel Signs


Aaron Draplin runs a tight ship. Not only is he an amazing designer, he puts together one hell of a blog. I look forward to checking his site every morning. The guy is a knowledge farm for all things vintage and he always digs up incredible stuff on his notorious road trips.

Lots of great stuff to see on his site, but start by checking out some of his design work.

Required viewing: If you haven’t seen “Why America is F***ed” your missing out. This is a must see! It’s the story of a motel sign that went from an American classic to a seagull crapwich. It’s from an upcoming mini documentary.  Check the video here. (Warning this has some lumberjack language so make sure your kids got ear muffs on/boss is in the other room).


Recent ad design for Coal Headwear

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Aaron is such a character. I adore him. By far one of the greats!

Yea for sure. I always look forward to what he’s got to say. He needs a tv show!

Great video. There should be some sort of national trust in place for signs and graphics like there is for buildings.

David McFarline |

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YEEES! Love his work and his blog! I need me some DDC crew socks, too.

Lexx |

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Yup, his work is top notch. Heh…”lumberjack language”. :D

he’s my dads cousin…xDDD

Grace |

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