Rise & Fall: A Concertina of Life by Micah Lidberg

micah lidberg rise fall

I got a surprise package in the mail the other day from Nobrow. Included in the package was Micah Lidberg’s Rise & Fall: A Concertina of Life. This might be my favorite Nobrow release to date. It’s an accordian style book that folds out to a stunning 53 inch panorama. Each panel is filled with prehistoric creatures dodging fire, climbing trees or sipping on slimey goop. His illustration style and composition for the piece remind me of traditional Japanese woodblock prints. Lovely stuff.

You can pick up a copy at Amazon.

micah lidberg rise fall

micah lidberg

micah lidberg


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big fan of micah’s

I totally agree with Sasha on this one. Micah’s work is out of this world!

that’s beautiful. I love No Brow.

That’s awesome!

wow… great!


I have this one at home and really love it. The only shame is that the foldout consists of two pieces of paper glued together, but I guess that’s due to technical restrictions…

love this very muchm, thanks for the inspiration you have given me

love this very much, thanks for the inspiration you have given me!