Pavel Fuksa Matchbox Designs for Navigators Video

pavel fuksa

If your a fan of vintage matchbox labels you will appreciate Czech illustrator & designer Pavel Fuksa’s latest project. Pavel created 178 matchbox covers for the Navigators “My Place” video,  many of which contain lyrics from the song. See the full video here

pavel fuksa

pavel fuksa

Via the always awesome Ward Jenkins on Drawn!


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Vintage Spanish Matchboxes

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these are beautiful!

Thanks. This made my morning. I love it. I am truly green with envy over this project. I have hand painted matchbooks, collected matchbooks, collected books of matchbooks. What can I say I love design and fire.

Desi McKinnon |

Found design |

Man…this is really nice. Each matchbox design is completely unique. Great job all around!

This is a beautiful collection of matchbox designs. Nice iullstrations and really cool colors. It’s great inspiration, thanks :-)

Impressive and ambitious, Pavel! The legacy for Czech matchbox labels is rich and it’s great to see a contemporary illustrator & designer carrying the torch. Eye Magazine has a great article about Solo Lipnik and the matchbox labels during the state-run era: