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wim crouwel

Architectuur werk van leden poster c1959

Wim Crouwel fans rejoice!

The Het Geheugen van Nederland (The Memory of the Netherlands) is a dutch website that contains an extensive collection of illustrations, photographs, texts, film and audio fragments, all of Dutch making. They have an impressive archive of work by Wim Crouwel. Over 500 original designs by Wim and his partners at Total Design lay in wait for your perusing pleasure. Enjoy!

Huge thanks to Antonio at Aisleone for sharing this gem.

wim crouwel

* Note – If the link doesn’t work type “Wim Crouwel” into the search engine found on the site.


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Thx Dave for sharing this !
You should try to type “Wissing” (Beno) into the search engine. Results are rad…

It really is wonderful, isn’t it

You can also make the site work in English:


Which makes life a bit easier!

Yay thanks for the tip, I love his work!

nice tips, thanxs for sharing

great collection, thanks for the linkage. i remember doing a project on Wim Crouwel back when i was studying, and i have loved his work ever since.