The Books Concert Poster by Sonnenzimmer

The Books Concert Poster by Sonnenzimmer. Measures 18″ x 24″

Our poster pick for the week was created by Sonnenzimmer. Sonnenzimmer is an art and screen print studio based in Chicago. The studio is owned and operated by artist’s Nadine Nakanishi and Nick Butcher. We’re certain you’ll find their work as appealing as we do.

The poster pictured above really puts the negative space to good use. The simple, colorful shapes balance the overall composition while the broken up landscape forms a a dynamic window to the world. You can purchase this poster here.


Also worth checking: Jay Ryan Poster Pick

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You are right about the use of negative space in the above book cover. Very nice. Also about Jay Ryan’s work, definitely check his stuff out.


I was lucky enough to meet Nick and Nadine and get a look at their space – this was one of the prints that I took home, so I can stare at it forever. They do amazing work.

love these posters by these guys… have a few framed in my house and really enjoy their work..