Goodby for HP Retail Publishing

goodby silverstein

I love this set of ads put together by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners for the HP Retail Publishing group. The illustrations were created by Ryan Meis (also of Lab Partners fame) and later rendered in 3d by Australian design firm Electric Art.

goodby silverstein

goodby silverstein

creative directors: Steve Simpson, Brian Gunderson
copywriter: Dan Hofstadter
creative director: Steve Simpson
print producer: Dan Southwick


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Stop it Ryan.
Stop it.

I’m a puddle of goo over here. This is sooo nice.

Lovely! So, does “rendered in 3D” mean that these are not cut paper? At first glance, the top image almost looked like a paper cut by Helen Musselwhite.

Wonderful work!!!

This is genius – I love it!! The work involved must have been epic, but it´s so effective. I love their use of colours, and the layout is great.

Had you not said “rendered in 3D”, I would have sworn these were cut paper!

…Or are they, and I am missing something?

Quite beautiful ads. I could stare at these forever…and drool.

Really nice work, love the HP commercial Lab Partners did as well

Absolutely beautiful illustration work here.
I can’t help thinking that these ads would be ten times better if they’d left the photos out.

Jeff |

Found design |


I would of left the people out.

Although GSP probably wanted the same but the client had other ideas.

Michael |

Found design |

Such an amazing use of color to catch a reading glancing quickly thru lots of pages within a magazine. For a second I thought it was paper, so kudos for fooling us.

@Jeff, I agree, I would have left the people out, but I’m sure the client wanted it. However, I must admit it adds to the design, which is great.

I love hexagons, do you feel the same?
Mail Me

Lovely illustrations and Electric Art are masters of their trade. Nice to see these ads again.


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