Bulgaria Black Sea Resorts Stamps 1972

bulgarian stamps

1972 Bulgaria Black Sea Resorts stamps

These stamps depict the Bulgarian Black Sea resorts of Zlatni Pyasatsi (“Golden Sands”), Druzhba (“Friendship”), Slanchev Bryag (“Sunny Beach”), Primorsko, Rusalka (“Mermaid”), and Albena. I’m not sure who designed this set, but I suddenly want to bask in the Bulgarian sunshine.

vintage stamps


vintage stamps


vintage stamps


bulgarian stamps


vintage stamps

Sanchev Bryar

vintage stamps

Zlatni Pyasatsi


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I lived in Bulgaria for 2 years as a Peace Corps volunteer. The Black Sea is one of my favorite places in the world and these stamps are great.

So inspiring :)

these stamps are GORGEOUS! sophisticated color palette….

Amazing! I’d love prints of these images.

These are great! I grew up in Bulgaria in the 80s when collecting stamps was a popular hobby among kids and teenagers. It’s funny how back then these, and even Kanchev’s stamps were ubiquitous and not particularly coveted. We wanted foreign or better yet Western stamps for our collections. Looking at these now, I have a very different appreciation for how well designed they actually are.
Thanks for sharing!

Wow. What an stamps images you have here. It was brilliantly to post it on . All the images are been superb. Thanks for the info once again. Next time when I need more knowledge about Bulgaria Black Sea Resorts Stamps 1972, I know where to find.

those are tiight. i love the colour.

Nice! I might have to pinch them for my collection ;)


I think this is Stefan Kanchev work…Check this out: http://stefankanchev.com/en/default.html
He is genius, indeed…

Turns out the designer’s name is V. Vassileva, but I can’t find her first name. She also did another series of stamps featuring Bulgarian fauna.

Find it, along with more wonderful vintage Bulgarian stamps, in this government archive (unfortunately in Bulgarian).

(Thanks to Andrian Dimitrov, the designer behind the fantastic Stefan Kanchev tribute site you featured some time ago, for digging up this info for me.)

Lovely! Thank You!

Its not “Sanchev Bryar” Its “Slunchev Bryag” it mean sunny beach

Its not “Sanchev Bryar” Its “Slunchev Bryag” it means sunny beach