This Week’s Poster Pick

Dirk Fowler / F2 Design

This Week’s Poster Pick is The Books/ Boston, MA poster designed by Dirk Fowler.

You can pick up a print at the Poster Cabaret.


Also worth checking: The Small Stakes/ Jason Munn interview.

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i need to get into the rock poster world…

why do I always forget that blue and orange are amazing together?

Its old hat, but still a nice looking poster.

Both Dirk’s and Ty’s posters seem quite fantastic to me. Bold, elegant communication and smart use of overprinting.

I am not sure what is trying to be implied with links to Mr. Mattson’s blog. Perhaps someone could clarify for me? Are people saying one ripped off the other? Or congratulating both on cleverly combining two profiles to form a third image?

Ryan |

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@Doppleganger and Brandonnn

That April 10th you see on the poster isn’t for this April. I think you’re accusing the wrong person of theft.

These days, nothing is original, so quit playing cops and robbers.

Alphonse |

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You could go back even further and compare to Jean Carlu (1900 – 1997)posters. He shadowed two head profiles beautifully, and first. Nothing is new these days sure hits the nail on the head. Art could be and very definitely should be new and original, always. But, it ….hasn’t been in the last 5 years as design appreciation has exploded onto the internet and what with so much trend hopping. Its about choices and character. Do people not read or research art history any more? In fact the birds on the elephant’s back on the Hybrid design have been seen on alot of 1950s, 60s textiles and in the work of Josh Agle. There’s a whole lot of mid-century textile imagery regurgitated these days. Tweak it or caption it, it has still been done. Just because we’re inspired by it doesn’t mean we can claim it. People who look at alot of art know when they see repurposed imagery. Its difficult to take it seriously. Its impossible to protect everything and its way too easy to borrow an image old or new. Its just a choice. Google search gets better every day and its bliss to have access to so much art. I hope good ethics will carry forward with old images.

Betty |

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